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Oct 31

Trick or Treat!
Franklin Street on Halloween

Aerial view typical of Franklin Street on Halloween night. It’s a sea of people!

Happy Halloween, Carolina! It’s finally here: that one night a year where you can throw on a costume, be somebody other than yourself and kick back with friends and strangers alike.

While Carolina prides itself on top-notch academics, we also maintain several fun traditions that bring us as a Carolina family together throughout the year. One of these fantastic traditions is Halloween on Franklin Street, or as the Town of Chapel Hill calls it “Homegrown Halloween.” During Homegrown Halloween, Franklin Street, a street normally bustling with automobiles and people looking for places to eat, is closed off to cars for three hours so that people can parade through the street in their costumes. During those three hours, one can easily walk through the street and spot several ghastly goblins, creepy cats, dazzling Disney characters and more. You’d be surprised what creative costumes you could spot on Franklin!

Noah's Ark Halloween

Students dressed up according to a fun Noah’s Ark theme.

My personal favorite last year was the banana mob. A group of friends decided to each dress up in a bright yellow banana costume and get chased by a gorilla. To me, the idea was unique, lighthearted and severely entertaining. I also happened to come across a hoard of animals! Or rather, people dressed as the animals of Noah’s Ark… the possibilities are endless! If you’re an incoming student, this is definitely an event to look forward to and possibly one of the most memorable first-year experiences. Aside from having crazy fun reliving your greatest childhood pastimes, you also get to meet friendly new people and have a wonderful time with your friends. I can’t wait to see what creative costume ideas people have this year!


– Amy Yang ’16

Oct 30

Where to live? Try a Living-Learning Community!

Housing Banner

After I made my decision to come to Carolina, one of the biggest follow-up decisions I had to make was where to live.  Lucky for you, I’m here to give you a little peek into how the process went for me!

Although I am an in-state student, I was coming into college only knowing two other people. In the months before my first year, as I sat down and thought about where I would be in a few months, I was worried.  As in, sort of terrified. Where would I live? Who would I room with? What would I do with my free time, and who would I hang out with? And so, I turned to UNC’s housing site for guidance. There I found a trove of helpful information on how to navigate first-year housing. As I looked through the various residence halls with names that made no sense to me (Ehringhaus, Koury, Craige), I realized that this was not the best way to find where to live. How could I know which residence hall would have the best community for me?

I took a step back and thought about my approach. Maybe I had it wrong. Maybe instead of trying to find the right community by finding the right residence hall, I could find the right residence hall by finding the right community. With this new approach, I learned about UNC’s Living-Learning Communities.

LLC’s (Living-Learning Communities) are communities in residence halls that provide students with a unique learning experience that bridges the classroom with residence life. As I explored each LLC, I found that each was based in a theme. There was the Chinese House, a community out of Teague residence hall that empowered residents to pursue their interests in foreign language and culture. Then, there was the Service and Leadership community, which gave students the tools they needs to succeed in their four years and beyond by partnering with the APPLES Service-Learning Program and Carolina Leadership Development. The list of LLC’s also included the Spanish House, Substance-free environment, Sustainability, SYNC (Sophomore Year Navigating Carolina), Transfer United, UNITAS, and WELL: Women Experiencing Learning and Leadership.

Love Where You Live

Many of these caught my eye, but in the end, I decided to apply to The Carolina Experience LLC. The LLC, like the others, was composed of a group of about 40 students living on a normal residence hall together with several student coordinators and a Resident Advisor to help oversee the program. On the first day of college, after I had unpacked all of my stuff, we had our first meeting. We did an icebreaker to get to know everyone better, and I was shocked at how many people were either out-of-state or international students. I never thought that the person living right across the hall from me would have been straight from China, but she was. This was really exciting to me because it helped me realize that we were all in the same boat and looking to make new connections. Throughout the year, being in an LLC gave me the chance to take on a leadership position in the program and introduced me to various clubs and programs on campus. It was through my LLC that I learned about Student Government, the Daily Tar Heel, Playmakers Theatre, Habitat for Humanity, Buckley Public Service Scholars, and much more.

I became close with the student coordinators, who were juniors and seniors that gave me guidance and tips as I worked through my first year. The friends I met in that community I never could have met anywhere else.

So what’s the point? Navigating your first year seems daunting, but if you orient yourself toward finding the right community, you will be right at home.


– Matt Evangelisto ‘15

Oct 30

Chancellor Folt’s Visit to Reidsville High School

Last week, Chancellor Folt paid a visit to students at Reidsville High School, which is one of the 51 high schools in North Carolina served by the Carolina College Advising Corps. Through this program, recent UNC graduates serve as college advisors, helping high-school students plan their college searches, apply for admission and financial aid, and enroll at schools that will serve them well. The Corps has been incredibly successful in Rockingham County and across the state, and we’re proud of the young alumni who are serving students so well. Check out the video for more about the program and to hear some of Chancellor Folt’s remarks.

Oct 28

Fall is…

Quad in the FallChilly mornings walking to class

Saturday afternoon football games

Late Night with Roy

Starbucks from Rams Head

Stress before midterms

Acing midterms

Group project meetings

All-night paper writing

Weekend trips to the mountains

Registering for my final semester

Deep fried Oreos from the State Fair

Leaves on the Quad

Library visits

Halloween on Franklin Street

Naps in Graham Memorial

A comfy Carolina sweatshirt

University Day

Career and graduate school fairs


Bell Tower

Fall is one of my favorite seasons at Carolina (just second to spring!). Though I could do without the midterms that inevitably accompany the cooler weather, there’s something special about fall here. Returning from Fall Break starts the final month and a half before classes end, exam week consumes all free time, and we all head home for the holidays. My coming month is sure to be packed with tests, papers, presentations, interning, and volunteering, but there is sure to be lots of fun. too. I planned a trip to the State Fair. I’ve got plenty of weekend brunches and dinners with friends, a Halloween costume to get together, and hopefully a break either at the nearby beach or mountains. As it’s my last fall at Carolina, I’m planning on enjoying every moment of it!


– Katelyn Chiang ’14

Oct 28

On the Road this Week!

THIYT-Oct-28This week our #THIYT travels are few and far between. Why, you might ask? Beginning Wednesday, our travel season comes to a close so that we can focus our efforts on reading and evaluating each of your wonderful applications! And so, without further ado, here’s where you can find us on the road during our last week of the fall 2013 travel season:

MONDAY, October 28

  • Monday we’ll be attending a college fair in Chesapeake, Virginia.
  • We’ll also be traveling to a number of area high schools in Houston, Texas.

TUESDAY, October 29

  • Continuing our time in Houston, we’ll be attending the Houston college night on Tuesday.
  • A little ways north, we’ll head to a college fair in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • Back home, you can find us at the Junior Parent Night in Cary, North Carolina.
  • We’ll also be attending another parent night in Burlington, North Carolina.

WEDNESDAY, October 30

  • Wednesday we’ll travel to Gastonia, North Carolina for a parent night.
  • We’ll also be visiting several high schools in northeastern North Carolina.

Find more details about these events on Tar Heels in Your Town.

As we settle into the office for the winter (think of it as a kind of hibernation, but with fewer furry animals and acorns), please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Remember, you can submit questions to us by tweeting at @UNCAdmissions or commenting on our Facebook page. Our next first-year application deadline will be on January 10, and our transfer deadline will follow shortly after on February 14.  To everyone who submitted early action: happy waiting! And for everyone submitting regular decision, we can’t wait to meet you!

Oct 25

Two Quick FAQs from the Communications Team

Have you received my documents yet?

Thank you for your continued interest in Carolina.  We look forward to getting to know you.  Over the past few days, we’ve received many phone calls concerning missing documents on student to-do lists on their MyCarolina pages. Although you, your counselor, or recommenders may have already sent these documents, please bear in mind that it does take us some time for us to link these documents to your application. All documents, whether received by mail, email, or electronic transfer, must be manually linked to students’ applications by our record managers.  Therefore, please allow up 4-6 weeks for your document to be received and processed and then, it will be removed from your to-do list.  Please also know that we will not penalize a student on the basis of our processing time or any technical issues.  We appreciate your patience.

Why have I not received MyCarolina Guest Login credentials yet?

After you submit your application, please allow up to 3-5 business days for us to download your application.  You should receive an email from us shortly afterwards.  Members of our communications staff have noticed that applications with America Online email addresses ( have not been receiving this email.  If you do not have this email after 3-5 business days, please check the junk/spam folder of your email account.  If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us either through email at or at (919) 966-3621.

Again, thank you for interest in Carolina.


Anthony, Arbra, Helen, and Yolanda

Oct 24

Classes You Never Knew Existed: Coral Reef Ecology and Management

At UNC, our classes aren’t just about facts and figures. In this feature of Classes You Never Knew Existed, we’ll take a look at a class that teaches through once-in-a-lifetime experiences: Environmental Studies 259: Coral Reef Ecology and Management.

After a suggestion from a former student, Dr. Greg Gangi and research associate Brian Naess developed the course as a way to not only teach students basic ecological principles and the effects of global warming, but to build camaraderie between groups of students across different majors and build a network in which they could share information about other learning opportunities. In the classroom, students learn to identify important coral reef organisms and discuss worldwide threats to reefs and management options that could offer potential solutions.

Perhaps the biggest pull factor for the class? They take a trip to the Virgin Islands during spring break.

Over the course of the week, students experience all of their classroom topics firsthand, as they live and learn at the Virgin Islands National Park. Alissa Tepedino, a junior who took the class last year, said that the highlights of her trip included snorkeling alongside nurse sharks, giant spotted eel rays, and sea turtles. For the professors, the most rewarding part of the class is seeing students become fast friends, engage in discussion, and ultimately decide to pursue further research.

“We want students to appreciate the beauty, biological diversity, and economic important of coral reefs,” said Naess. “We hope that our students are inspired to continue to study the environment, and policy issues that affect the environment.”

So, prospective Tar Heels, if you could see yourself swimming alongside marine life and studying beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean, or you wish to follow a passion for the environment, then look no further than UNC and the Institute for the Environment.

Interested in more Classes You Never Knew Existed? Check out our first post on Digital Advertising and Marketing.

Oct 23

UNC Virtual Tour Part I: Student Life

A group of Admissions Ambassadors and other current students are working to create a series of videos that will give prospective students a virtual tour of campus. So if you can’t make it to Chapel Hill for one of our daily tours and information sessions, now you can enjoy the next best thing. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for more installments of the virtual tour this fall!

Oct 22

On the Road this Week!


Hey potential Tar Heels! Be on the lookout for admissions representatives on the road this week in the following locations:

MONDAY, October 21

  • Monday we’ll be at college fair events in Rocky Mount, Bladenboro, and Elizabethtown, NC.
  • We’ll also be starting a week-long tour of Illinois, in which we’ll be visiting several high schools from Monday through Friday.
  • Globe traveling alert! We’ll have an admissions representative in Ecuador this week, beginning on Monday!

TUESDAY, October 22

  • You can find us in Wilson, Whiteville, and Tabor City, NC.
  • Farther north, we’ll be in attendance at college fairs in Yorktown Heights, New York, and Newark, Delaware.
  • Down south, we’ll also be in Atlanta, Georgia for a college fair.

WEDNESDAY, October 23

  • Wednesday we’ll be attending the Pitt County, NC college fair.
  • We’ll continue our travels in New York, this time stopping in Suffern.
  • We’ll also be in attendance at college fairs in Annapolis, Maryland.

THURSDAY, October 24

  • Our representatives will be in Pembroke, Williamston, and Red Spring, NC.
  • We’ll be making a stop in Pelham and the Bronx, New York, as well as Howell, New Jersey, for college fairs.

FRIDAY, October 25

  • You can find us in Laurinburg and Tarboro, NC.
  • Friday we’ll draw our travels through New York and Illinois to a close.

Remember to follow @UNCAdmissions on Twitter and Instagram, and to like us on Facebook for additional information and fun facts about life at UNC. To join the conversation or ask questions about our travels, search or tweet the hashtag #thiyt. Specific information about college fairs and events we’ll be attending can be found on Tar Heels in Your Town.

Oct 21

Give Me A Break…

Ah, fall. Autumn brings with it one of the most beautiful times of the year in Chapel Hill, thus one of my favorite times to be at UNC (though most of my experiences here have been favorites). The air is crisp and cool, the leaves on the trees are warm shades of red and golden brown, and the sky is usually a perfect, cloudless shade of Carolina blue.

This year was different, though. Mid-October was accompanied by a rainy week of grey clouds and hardly any sun. Combine that with papers, midterm exams and long hours spent in the library, and it was enough to make anyone crave a break from it all. Luckily, UNC understands that students face the struggles of mid-semester blues, so every year, in the middle of October, we have Fall Break, a four-day “vacation” from classes that gives us the chance to take a little bit of time off.

Olivia Mom NYC

Me and my mother during a Fall Break trip to NYC during my sophomore year

Fall Break plans usually vary across the board. For some students, especially those who live out-of-state, it’s a chance to head home for a few days, regroup and spend some time with family and friends. Others may visit friends or family that live somewhere other than their hometown. Some academic departments provide opportunities for students to network with alumni or visit employers that they might have an interest in working with one day. Some students participate in service-learning experiences with different organizations. This year, with UNC’s Thursday night football game against Miami on Oct. 17, some students stayed in Chapel Hill, enjoying all UNC has to offer (without having to go to class at the same time). The options are endless, and after going back to class today, it seems like, no matter what people did, the only complaint anyone had about Fall Break was that it was too short.

As a senior at UNC, it was sad for me to know that this was my last Fall Break as a student here. I spent a few days visiting a friend in Chicago and, during my time there, I thought back on all of the great experiences I’ve had during past Fall Breaks: spending time with my family, visiting the N.C. State Fair with my friends from home (add it to your UNC Bucket List), taking a trip to New York City with my mom. Nonetheless, even though the break felt short, it was necessary to help all of us relax and prepare for the second half of the fall semester.

Fried Oreos

Fried Oreos at the N.C. State Fair… a crowd favorite!

So, here’s my advice: As you continue to study and work hard on your applications (to UNC, I hope), remember to give yourself your own “Fall Break.” Do something you enjoy, even if it’s only for a couple of hours! Spend some time with your family or friends, enjoy the beautiful fall outdoors or even take a little “mini-vacation” to one of your favorite places in your hometown. Remember to take the time to refresh and give yourself a bit of relaxation. I guarantee that it will make the rest of your work a lot more enjoyable! Good luck!



– Olivia Hart ’14