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The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Apr 30

First-Year Enrollment Deadline is May 1

Tomorrow, May 1, is National Enrollment Day and the final day for admitted first-year applicants to enroll at Carolina. If you’re planning to enroll at UNC for the 2014-2015 year, log into your ConnectCarolina Student Center and follow the instructions in your online decision to accept our offer of admission by 11:59pm ET  on May 1. And if you’ve decided not to enroll at UNC (alas!), you can decline our offer through ConnectCarolina as well.

Not sure if you’ve successfully enrolled? You should have received an email confirming your enrollment soon after enrolling and paying or waiving your enrollment deposit. If you pay your enrollment deposit electronically, this email should arrive within 1-2 days. If you pay by check, it may take up to a week. If you have any questions about your status, you’re welcome to contact us.

Congratulations again to all of the new members of UNC’s Class of 2018! You have four exciting years ahead of you. As our current students finish up exams and the Class of 2014 prepares for graduation, we have a very happy campus! Check out this video from the Clef Hangers, one of our most popular a cappella groups, singing “Happy”.

Apr 28

“It is impossible not to love Carolina”

Wondering how to combine all of your unique interests in college? We look to Andrew, a junior studying Classical Archaeology, Geology, and Latin, for inspiration.

“When I arrived at Carolina, I wanted to combine the quantitative rigor of the sciences with the cultural studies of history and language. I chose Classical Archaeology as a way to learn about Greek and Roman civilization, and took courses in geology and mathematics, as well. I honestly didn’t come here to look at rocks, but a unique aspect about Carolina is that it provides options you haven’t yet realized you want to take.” 

Andrew also combines his interests with research opportunities, taking a summer to work with the the Santa Fe Institute as an undergraduate research fellow, analyzing data on past city systems and economics. As Andrew says, “It is impossible to not love Carolina for all the opportunities it gives and what it strives to do for its students.”

Learn more about what Carolina could offer you, and don’t forget that the enrollment deadline is May 1.

Apr 25

Our Favorite #WhyCarolina Moments

As enrollment deadlines approach—May 1 for first-year students and May 15 for transfer students—we thought we’d post some of our favorite tweets from our campus-wide #WhyCarolina Twitter campaign. As you can see, there is a whole community of people who can’t wait to meet you. Enjoy!

“Because when UNC beat UK my freshman year, I exited the Dean Dome to winter’s first snow and I believed in magic for a moment.” —Madison Way

“Because there’s a place in the library for every study style:”  —UNC Libraries

140 characters can’t describe #WhyCarolina for me. So here’s this!”  —Seth Bumgarner

“We started off scattered around the world, but the moment we arrived, we became part of the Carolina Family.” —UNC 2015

“I couldn’t wait to be part of a community so proud of every aspect of its university.” –Lena Welch

Because of the wonderful network of alumni, faculty, staff, & friends of UNC that support our students and help them succeed.” —UNC Development

“Because I grow as a person everyday I’m on this beautiful campus.” —Catherine Howell

“Because they give students the chance to earn a higher education, regardless of their economic background.” —Keenan J.

 “Because it’s a place that will challenge you, grow you, inspire you. It will get in your blood and remain in your heart.” —Brookleyn Riley

“Because we take care of you during final exams! Animal Therapy in the libraries!” #stressfree —UNC Health Sciences Library.

For more, go to UNC Admissions on Twitter and sort by #WhyCarolina or, if you have enrolling questions, look for #enrollUNC.

Apr 24

Transfer Student Update

Congratulations to all of our newly admitted transfer students. We are so excited to welcome you to the Carolina community. Transfer admit packages are on their way to you through the mail, but in the meantime, you may find everything you need on our Enroll website, which includes a special checklist just for admitted transfer students. Additionally, we write with a few important updates regarding your enrollment.

Transfer Credit Reports. We have emailed about 700 transfer credit evaluations already and the rest will be released no later than Friday, May 2.  Your report includes a Transfer Credit Guide, which should answer most of your questions. Please also know that we send reports to the email address we have on file for you through your ConnectCarolina Student Center. If that email address is incorrect, please be sure and update your email address in your Student Center. If you need us to resend your transfer credit report, please email us at and we will be happy to do so.

Enrollment Deadline Reminder. As a reminder, the deadline to enroll for transfer students is May 15. We hope that you plan to enroll but if you choose not to do so, please decline our offer of admission online. This will keep us from sending you those pesky email reminders!

Community Standards Form Deadline. The deadline to submit your Community Standards Form is May 30. Once you submit your form, please know that it may remain on your To-Do list until our records management staff has had a chance to process these forms. If any questions arise, we will post additional requests through your ConnectCarolina Student Center so please be sure and continue to check your account.

Apr 21

Transfer FAQs

After a careful review process, we released decisions for transfer applicants late last week. As always, we were honored to receive many applications and as always, we had to make many tough decisions. Most students may now view their decisions on their ConnectCarolina Student Center (see instructions here) and will receive their paper letters within the next week. There are a few applicants without decisions; we are finalizing these decisions and hope to have them available soon.

Below are some frequent questions we get from transfer students. Please just let us know what other questions you have.

Admitted Student FAQs
When will I know how my credits will transfer?
We’re now evaluating the transfer credit of admitted students and all students should receive an emailed evaluation of credit within the next two weeks. Please make sure your email address is listed correctly in your ConnectCarolina Student Center and add “” to your safe-sender email list. In the meantime, check out our Transferring Your Courses page to learn more about how we evaluate transfer credit.

What does it mean to waive my enrollment deposit?
When you enroll at Carolina, you can either choose to waive or pay the $250 enrollment deposit. If you choose to enroll with the $250 deposit, this amount will be subtracted from your total first semester payments. If you plan on receiving financial aid, you can choose to waive the $250 enrollment deposit. As aid funds become available, you will be responsible for any remaining payments for tuition, fees, and housing.

When will I receive my financial aid package?
In your paper admit pack, you’ll receive information on how to view your financial aid package through your ConnectCarolina Student Center. You’ll need to create an Onyen in order to view the information online. We also encourage you to create your UNC email and check it frequently because the Student Aid Office will communicate with you through that email account.

When is the enrollment deadline?
We ask that you reply to our offer of admission by May 15.

I’m ready to enroll. What’s next?
Hooray! Check out this transfer checklist for the next steps you’ll want to take. You can also view the admitted student brochure which will arrive with your paper letter of admission.

When should I register for classes?
As soon as possible. The Advising Office has some great information for new transfer students here. Soon after enrolling, you can make an appointment online to speak with an academic advisor in person or by phone or Skype. It’s best to register for classes as soon as you can, so that you’ll have the best selection of courses available.


Waitlisted Students
We know a waitlist decision is hard to receive and we hate to ask you to wait still longer for a final decision from us. But we will do our best to get you a decision as soon as we can. Most of your questions will likely be answered in this FAQ sheet, which offers information on how we review our waiting list and how many students we’ve admitted in past years from the waiting list. If you have more questions, please let us know!

Apr 14

Transfer Students: How to View Your Decision

If you applied for transfer admission, please note these steps to view your decision when it becomes available online:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Login to ConnectCarolina Student Center”
  3. Login with your Guest ID.  If you do not have a Guest ID, please follow the email instructions we sent to you.  If you do not have these instructions, please email us at
  4. Under Admissions, click on “Click here to view your decision in a new window.  Please make sure popup-blocking software is disabled.”

In order to view your decision, please note that, if applicable, the pop-up blocker feature on your browser must be disabled.

How to Disable Your Pop-Up Blocker

Internet Explorer

  1. In the menu bar, go to Tools and navigate down to “Pop-up Blocker”
  2. Click on “Turn-Off Pop-up Blocker.”

Google Toolbar

  1. Click the Google Pop-up Blocker toolbar icon. (Click on “More” if you do not see the Pop-up Blocker Icon“
  2. The Pop-up Blocker icon should read “Popups are okay.” If not, click on the button to allow pop-ups from the page you are on.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. In the menu bar, go to Tools  and navigate down to Options.
  2. Select “Content” tab or icon.
  3. Uncheck box labeled “Block pop-up windows.”


  1. Click on “Blocking Pop-ups” at the bottom right corner of the AOL window.
  2. Uncheck box labeled “Suppress pop-ups from websites I visit.”
  3. Click “Save” button.

Yahoo Toolbar

  1. Click on the Yahoo Toolbar’s popup blocker icon option arrow. This arrow is pointing down beside of the popup blocker icon.
  2. Click on “Enable Pop-up Blocker” to uncheck.


  1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Show advanced settings.
  4. In the “Privacy” section, click the Content settings button.
  5. In the “Pop-ups” section, select “Allow all sites to show pop-ups.”


  1. Open the Safari menu and select the “Preferences” option.
  2. In the window that displays, click on the “Security” option.
  3. Remove the checkmark from the “Block pop-up” windows option.
  4. Close the window.

Or, for an older version of Safari, try

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click on the Safari Menu
  3. Uncheck “Block Pop-Up Windows”

Apr 10

At Carolina, “Anything is Possible”

One in five students at Carolina are the first in their families to attend a 4-year college. But did you know that many of our faculty and staff members are also first-generation college (FGC) graduates? Imagine the ease of relating to people who “get it”, and how much support you’ll have in reaching your goals when you utilize university services such as Academic Advisingthe Learning Centerthe Writing Centerand Career ServicesThis week, we’ll feature words of wisdom from  FGC students and graduates you might run into on campus.

Mike JonesMeet Mike Jones, a senior Sociology major and double minor in African American Studies and Social and Economic Justice. His future plans include attaining a Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs. We’d say he’s well on his way with this great advice:

“Never give up! Constantly tell yourself that anything is possible. I am a low-income, first-generation college student from rural North Carolina, but I was still able to make the most of my Carolina experience and excel academically. I am also highly involved at Carolina; I serve as President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and Student Coordinator of the North Carolina Renaissance Program. I am also a Resident Advisor Mentor, and recently won the title of Mr. UNC for 2013-14. While it may be hard to find your niche at first, just remember to stay positive and everything will work out.”

Apr 10

UNC STV: A Chance to Be a Star

UNC STVWhile Carolina may not seem like a premiere film or television school, it absolutely is. Between the Communications Department, the Dramatic Arts Department and the Journalism School, UNC alumni have won Oscars, Emmys, and numerous other film and television awards.

Something that some of these alumni have in common is that they participated in UNC STV. UNC STV is the student-run television station that broadcasts to the campus and the surrounding Chapel Hill-Carrboro area. This past year, STV celebrated its 30-year anniversary with an alumni reunion that brought many of the talented alumni back to Chapel Hill.

The purpose of STV is to provide all students, regardless of major, an opportunity for video production experience and to provide entertainment and information to the campus and community.

STV logoI’ve been a member of STV for the past year, and I’ve never felt more at home with such a creative and talented family. At the reunion, I got to meet John Altschuler, who produced King of the Hill, and Peyton Reed, who directed Bring it On. What makes me believe in STV and love it even more is how, after talking to these people who have reached this level of success, they always remark that, without STV, they would never had been able to do the things that they are currently doing.

Director Peyton Reed says “From the writing to the editing, I still use the lessons I learned at STV.”

If you are at all interested in the entertainment industry, even if you think it might be fun to goof around in front of a camera, keep an eye out for UNC STV-participate, and you might be a star.


– Wynton Wong ’15

Apr 9

Explore Journalism at UNC

Have you ever wanted to learn more about journalism at Carolina? What can you study at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication? What are some of the programs and initiatives that you can get involved with as a student?

Watch this video introduction to learn more about what it’s like to be a student at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication!

Learn more about the School of Journalism and mass Communication.

You can also learn about the programs and initiatives mentioned in the video by following the links:

J-school Ambassadors
Synapse Magazine
Heelprint Communications
Reese News Lab
Sports Xtra
Living Galápagos

Apr 8

Going Global

HondurasHey there! Hope everyone is adjusting well after spring break. Despite how hectic the first week back can be, the week after UNC’s spring break was a week of reflection for me. Over spring break, I had the privilege of going on a service trip to a rural, mountainous region of Honduras with UNC Global Dental Brigades. Little did I know how big of an impact this trip would have on me. From its breathtaking views to its passionate, kind-hearted people, Honduras easily captured my heart. Likewise, Dental Brigades opened up my eyes to the bright future that I want to pursue.

Ever since high school, I’ve always wanted to study to become a dentist. This trip with Dental Brigades was just what I needed to solidify that dream and motivate me to push my limits even further. For four days, we woke up early and set up dental clinics in hot, rural, underprivileged communities in the mountains to provide free dental care to 154 patients.

Dental equipmentSure, spring break is supposed to be relaxing, but I could not think of a more purposeful way to spend my spring break. There is no doubt that I had a blast in Honduras AND learned more than I could’ve ever learned in the classroom. So take advantages of these special opportunities to enhance your learning at UNC!



– Amy Yang ’16