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The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

May 28

Advice for Succeeding at Carolina

Almost 20% of students at Carolina are the first in their families to attend a 4-year college. But did you know that many of our faculty and staff members are also first-generation college (FGC) graduates? Imagine the ease of relating to people who “get it”, and how much support you’ll have in reaching your goals when you utilize university services such as Academic Advisingthe Learning Centerthe Writing Centerand Career Services. We’d like to introduce you to one FGC graduate you might run into on campus:

Meet Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Barkley Barton II. Barkley

When he started college, he didn’t know which questions to ask or whom to seek assistance from at the university. After spending more time in college, and now working for a university system, he realized that some of his early missteps could have been avoided. How? Barkley recommends:

1) Be proactive. Utilize all of the resources that are available at the university – you don’t need to wait until you’re in over your head to seek them out.

2) Prepare to work on your time management skills. The demands of college are different than high school. You may only have two or three classes in a day, but figuring out how to balance your study time with extracurricular activities is important.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone here at Carolina wants you to succeed! The expectations are different than high school, but if you communicate with your professors, they will know better how to help you along the way.

We hope that Carolina becomes the community that helps you grow. We believe in taking an active role in cultivating your success at Carolina and beyond. Sign up for an information session and campus tour and see for yourself!

May 27

Waitlist Update

Thanks so much to all of you who have patiently waited for news about the waiting list. We understand how difficult the waiting can be, and we’re grateful to you for hanging in there with us. We had a very strong response from admitted students this year, so that unfortunately means that we are not expecting to be able to admit many students from either our first-year or transfer waiting lists.

On Friday, we did make a very small wave of offers to students from the first-year waiting list. These students received an email notifying them that a new decision was available to view on ConnectCarolina. They’ll also receive official letters through the mail this week. If we’re able to make additional offers, we’ll let students know as soon as possible. However, as the class is just about at capacity, we don’t anticipate being able to make many, if any, additional offers. We’ll let all students know a final decision as soon as we can, by June 30 at the latest.

We have not taken any action on the transfer waiting list, and it’s unlikely we’ll be able to make many offers. This may, in fact, be the rare year when we’re not able to admit any students from that waiting list. And while we’re grateful for the strong interest from our admitted students, we are sorry to disappoint the students who accepted a place on the waiting list in hopes of joining the class.

If you’re curious about how we select students from the waiting list, please see our FAQs for first-years or transfers. We don’t rank the list in any way, so all students who accept a place on the waiting list are considered for any spaces that are available.

Please let us know what questions you have. Thanks again.


May 16

New Students: Meet Career Services at UNC

UNC 2018, we hope you’re getting excited about the opportunities awaiting you at UNC. Through our recent #enrollUNC tweets and posts, you’ve seen some of the great things you can do during your time here at Carolina. But what about after? That might seem pretty far off, but many Carolina students start preparing for jobs and internships early, or even right away. How? Through University Career Services, the one-stop shop at Carolina to cater to all of your job and internship-hunt needs.

UCS isn’t just limited to juniors or seniors. Anyone can access the tools available through the office. Located in Hanes Hall–right on campus–UCS offers a variety of resources. Some of these include resume reviews (both in person and virtual), mock interviews, how-tos for cover letters and thank-you notes, job fairs, and networking and social media workshops. Their events and recruiter sessions are almost always held on campus, so all students have easy access to the tools they need to succeed.

Another unique resource offered by UCS is the Career Peers student group, a team of current students who work within UCS to host events and disseminate information. One such student, Melissa Fluke, offered some insight into how UCS operates, and how it can benefit any and everyone, including first-years!

When asked what some of her favorite things about working with UCS were, here’s what Melissa had to say:

“I would say that UCS isn’t here for you just at the end of your college career, or going into the job world. It’s also there for you at the start to help you figure out what your interests are, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can utilize different majors in different career paths.”

Even if you don’t quite know what you want to be when you grow up, University Career Services is just one resource on campus that can allow you to grow and learn during your time at Carolina! For more information, check out their website: Follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you’ll always know about upcoming sessions and services of interest to you!

May 13

Transfer Enrollment Deadline is May 15!

If you’re an admitted transfer student, keep in mind that your deadline to enroll is this Thursday, May 15, at 11:59pm ET. You can enroll electronically by viewing your online decision letter in your ConnectCarolina Student Center. Once you enroll and submit or waive your enrollment deposit, you should receive a confirmation email from us within two business days. Keep in mind that check payments sent by mail do take a little longer to process, so please allow a week to 10 days if you mail a check.

Below are some of the questions we’re hearing a lot from transfer students this week. Have other questions? Leave a comment below or contact us.

I haven’t received my transfer credit evaluation. What should I do?
The official evaluation of your transfer credit was sent by email within a week or two after your admission. If you haven’t received your emailed evaluation, double-check your spam folder, then email us at to request that we re-send it to you.

I don’t understand my credit evaluation. How can I learn more?
Most of your questions will be answered on the Transfer Credit Guide, so please review it carefully. If you have additional questions, email us at

I think there’s an error on my credit evaluation. How can I get it fixed?
If you feel that there has been an error in the evaluation of your transfer credit, you’ll have the opportunity to have it corrected after you enroll. After you have enrolled, you may submit a Re-Evaluation of Credit form. You’ll upload a syllabus for the course in question, and the request will go to the academic departments for their review. You must be a currently-enrolled student to request this review. You must also have completed the course and sent a transcript showing the grade received–please don’t submit a request for a course that is still in-progress or listed as “IP” on your credit evaluation.

I haven’t received my financial aid package. What should I do?
Check the To-Do Lists on your ConnectCarolina Student Center to be sure the Student Aid office has received all of the information necessary to review your financial aid application. Make sure you’ve created your Onyen and UNC email address, which you need to do in order to view your financial aid information. (More details here on how to check your aid award.) If you have already spoken with the Student Aid Office and your aid application is complete, but you have not yet received your financial aid package, contact us to let us know.

What does it mean to waive the enrollment deposit?
If you are expecting financial aid or merit-based scholarships, you may waive the $250 enrollment deposit when you enroll. The deposit is like a down-payment on your first tuition bill, so once it’s waived you do not need to submit any further payment to reserve your space at Carolina. You will receive your first bill over the summer once your financial aid and scholarships have been applied to your student account.

What is the Community Standards Form?
All enrolling transfer students must submit a community standards form by May 30. A paper form was included with your mailed letter of admission, or you may download the form here. Read the form carefully, and be sure to submit any requested documentation along with your form. (You do not have to re-submit documentation that you already submitted with your application.) At the bottom of the form, you have two options: you may have a school official sign to verify your responses or you may give us permission to initiate a background check. If you choose the background check option, please note that you’ll be responsible for the cost of the background check ($18.50).

What are my next steps after I enroll?
Check out our Next Steps blog post for more information on how to prepare to register for classes. Visit our Enroll pages for details about the other tasks you’ll need to do this summer, such as registering for orientation and applying for housing.

How do I set up an appointment with an advisor?
Watch the advising module on the Academic Advising website for all the details. You’ll need to set up your ONYEN, Heelmail, and Sakai access before you can make an appointment with an advisor.

Is Orientation required? How do I sign up?
We do require that all incoming transfer students attend an orientation session this summer, and it’s a great way to start getting to know our community and the resources available to you here. Learn more about Orientation and how to register.

How do I sign up for Housing?
Living on campus is one of the best ways to stay connected to student life–and you’ll always be just a short walk away from your classes, the library, dining halls, and more. Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis for transfer students, so we encourage you to submit your application as soon as you’ve decided to live on campus. We expect to have plenty of room for all transfer students who wish to live on campus. Learn more about housing for transfers.

My grades declined spring semester. Will this affect my enrollment?
Oh dear. Our offer of admission is indeed contingent on you continuing to achieve at the level that enabled us to admit you, but we don’t make any judgements or decisions on your enrollment without allowing you an opportunity to explain what happened. We will review all final transcripts as they arrive. If we have concerns about your performance, we will ask you to submit an explanation by email. If we’re still concerned after receiving your explanation, we’ll invite you to meet with us in person so we can discuss the situation further. If you’ve had a serious decline in grades, we encourage you to go ahead and email us at with an explanation. We’ll review the information you submit to us carefully.

May 7

Next Steps for New Transfer Students

If you were recently admitted as a transfer student, congratulations! We’re excited to welcome you to Carolina. As a reminder, the transfer enrollment deadline is May 15, so you’ll need to reply to our offer by that date. To learn more about next steps for enrolling, check out our Transfer Checklist.

We tend to get lots of questions this time of year about transfer credit and preparing for class registration. Once you’ve decided to enroll as a transfer student, we encourage you to register for classes quickly so you’ll have the best selection. Here’s a quick list of resources and steps to help you get ready!

  1. Receive your transfer credit evaluation. Most students should have received this information by email by now, as it typically arrives within 1-2 weeks after admission. Along with the evaluation, review our Transfer Credit Guide that will help you interpret your evaluation.
  2. Review the University Catalog to learn about both general education and major requirements. This will give you an idea of how many requirements you’ve already met through your transfer credit, and how many additional requirements you will to complete at UNC. You can also check out the Advising Worksheet for your major that you and your advisor will use to track your progress.
  3. Watch the transfer advising module and other helpful information that the Office of Academic Advising offers on their website. Lots of good information here!
  4. Make an appointment with an advisor. You’ll want to go ahead and register for classes as soon as possible (no need to wait until you speak with an advisor), but we encourage you to speak with an advisor early to make sure you’re on the right track. Appointments by phone or in person are available.
  5. Sign up for Orientation. There are several sessions you can choose from. Orientation will help you and your family prepare for Carolina, and will ensure a smooth transition this fall.

Will your selected major work for you?
Most of our majors, except those in our professional schools, are housed in the College of Arts and Sciences. We don’t admit students to specific majors within Arts and Sciences, so you may choose from any of the majors offered there. If you are joining us as a junior, your choice of major may depend on your preparation up to this point. It may be difficult, for example, for a student coming to us as a junior from a music school to complete a BS in Chemistry in the two years they’ll have here at Carolina. So talk to your advisor about the feasibility of the major you’ve selected, and remember that you can always change your major once you’ve arrived on campus.

We’ll be posting additional information for transfer students in the coming week, but please let us know what questions you have. And don’t forget the enrollment deadline is May 15!

May 1

Carolina College Advising Corps Helps 4,110 N.C. Students Apply to College

More than 4,000 high school seniors submitted 11,000 applications to college for the 2014-15 school year through the Carolina College Advising Corps, which provides in-depth admissions and financial aid advising to students in 55 high schools throughout North Carolina. To celebrate those future college students, the Corps will hold special events in partner schools on or around May 1 – the date known as “Decision Day” and the universal college enrollment deadline in the United States.


Funded by grants and private gifts and based in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the 31 advisers help low-income, first-generation and underrepresented students find their way to colleges that will serve them well.

“Our advisers give hard-working students the extra help they need to go to college,” said Yolanda Keith, program coordinator for the Carolina Corps. “Their service is tailored to what each student needs the most, which may be as simple as helping them fill out applications and as complicated as helping them understand financial aid practices. But the most important thing they do is to let students know that someone believes in them.”

“The advisers do far more than help our students apply for college,” said Candis Hagaman, principal at Caldwell Early College High School. “They help our students chart out a path for a successful life beyond high school and give them the means to come back and improve our community. In this way, each adviser helps far more than just one student.”

For more, please see our press release.