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Jan 28

FAQs for Early Action Students Who Received a Decision

Today, we posted decisions on ConnectCarolina for all those Early Action applicants with a decision. We’ve provided some FAQs for students offered admission, students whose applications were deferred to regular decision, and students whose applications were denied. To view the FAQs, please click on the individual links below or scroll down to the next three posts.

FAQs for Students offered admission
FAQs for Students whose applications were deferred to regular decision
FAQs for Students whose applications were denied

Haven’t seen your decision yet? Check out our Instructions for Viewing your Decision.

I applied as an Early Action applicant, but I can’t see my decision. What do I do?
If your application is still under review, you should have received an email notification about when you’ll be able to view your decision.

If you haven’t been notified of a delay, and are unable to view your decision after following the instructions, please contact us at or at (919) 966-3621.

We are so honored by your interest in Carolina and enjoyed getting to know you through your application. Please contact us if you have additional questions. As always, we’re here to help.

Jan 28

FAQs for Students Offered Admission

If you’ve been notified of your admission to Carolina through your ConnectCarolina Student Center, we hope you’ll decide to make Carolina your home for the next four years. We think you’ll have unmatched academic, research, study abroad, and student life experiences at Carolina. And our diverse and supportive community is unlike any other you’ll find.

I’ve viewed my decision in my ConnectCarolina Student Center and learned that I’ve been admitted! Yay! Now what?
Over the next few months, we’ll help you learn more about Carolina, so that you can decide if it’s the right fit for you. One of the best ways is to join us for one of our admitted-student events. An invitation to Explore Carolina will be sent to you shortly. You’ll also receive an email with information on viewing your admitted-student event invitations in the events section of your MyCarolina.

Within the next week, you’ll also receive an email with instructions on how to submit your midyear grades.

When you’re ready to enroll, please visit our Enroll pages, which have detailed information on next steps.

Will I receive any merit scholarships?
Each year, we award a select number of incoming first-year students with merit scholarships. Early Action applicants who have been awarded a merit scholarship will receive an email within a week of their admission decision.

If you aren’t initially offered a merit-based scholarship, please know that at Carolina you will have multiple opportunities to earn a variety of awards once you arrive on campus. Read more about Scholarship Opportunities for Carolina students.

Also, any student admitted for our Early Action deadline can also apply for the Global Gap Year Fellowship, an opportunity that awards seven incoming first-year students up to $7,500 for an international year of service.  Find more information here.

We also offer a number of need-based scholarships and provide outstanding financial aid; we are committed to helping students find a way to afford Carolina. In fact, nearly half of UNC students receive financial aid. Students who submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CSS Profile by the March 1 priority deadline will be considered for the fullest array of financial aid. More info is available on the Student Aid website.

Am I being considered for Honors or any other special opportunities?
All students were automatically considered for Honors Carolina, assured admission to some of the most competitive programs, and other special opportunities during the admissions review. Those students who have been selected for consideration will receive a survey shortly that will allow them to let us know more about their interests so we can best match them to a special opportunity.

If you aren’t initially offered one of these opportunities, please know that you’ll have the opportunity to participate in many of these programs in the future. All student who meet the GPA requirements may enroll in Honors courses, take advantage of the full array of Honors Study Abroad programs, and write an Honors thesis their senior year to be considered for graduating with Honors. Additionally, all students may apply for admission into any of our academic programs such as the Kenan-Flagler Business School and School of Media and Journalism once they meet the application requirements.

When will I hear back about financial aid?
All students who submit both the FAFSA and CSS Profile by the priority deadline of March 1 will receive information about their aid packages in the weeks following the deadline. The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid awards student aid packages as quickly as they can, but you can help by making sure they have all of the information they need. Check your To-Do List in ConnectCarolina periodically to make sure they haven’t requested more information. Also, create your Onyen and UNC email account, as that is how the Student Aid office will communicate with you. More info is available on the Student Aid website.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or at (919) 966-3621.


Jan 28

FAQs for Students Whose Applications Were Deferred to Regular Decision

If you received notification that your application has been deferred to the Regular Decision pool, we’re sorry to ask you to wait longer for a final decision, and we promise to have a final decision to you by the end of March. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for Deferred Students. We’ve summarized some of the points below as well.

What does a deferral mean?
A deferred admissions decision means that we need more time and more information – about your performance this school year and about our applicant pool – in order to make our final decision. We will consider everything you have already submitted to us, the midyear grades you will report, and the overall strength of our applicant pool to aid us in making a final decision on your candidacy.

What are my chances?
Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict at this point. On our FAQs, you can see that we ended up offering admission to 423 deferred students last year and 379 the previous year. We won’t know until March how many we’ll be able to admit this year.

Is there anything I can do to improve my chances?
Submit your midyear grades online. You will receive an email soon with instructions on how to self-report your midyear grades online. Don’t ask your counselor to send us a paper report; instead you’ll enter your own grades online. If you have new test scores, you can send us those as well. Our code for the SAT is 5816, and our code for the ACT is 3162. Beyond that, all you can do is wait and focus on successfully completing your final year of high school.

Should I still apply for Financial Aid?
Yes! The Financial Aid deadline is March 1, so you’ll still want to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CSS Profile in case we are able to admit you. This will then allow you to be considered for the fullest array of financial aid opportunities. More info is available on the Student Aid website.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at or at (919) 966-3621. We wish you a successful finish to your senior year and thank you for your patience as you wait for a final decision.

Jan 28

FAQs for Students Whose Applications Were Denied

We know how hard it is to receive this kind of news, and we really hate delivering it. We have so many talented applicants – more than 19,000 for Early Action this year – and space for only about 4,000 in our first-year class. We have to turn away many talented students who would do great things here.

Is this decision final?
Yes. We’re sorry, but we can’t re-consider your application this year. However, if your heart is set on Carolina, there’s always the option of transferring after a year or two at another school.

Why did you deny my application?
There isn’t a simple answer to this question because our review is holistic. We don’t deny any student on the basis of a single number or a single grade, but instead we consider everything we know about a student. We review each application multiple times, and ultimately we have to make a lot of hard decisions. The unfortunate truth is that we just don’t have space for all of talented students who apply.

I have my heart set on attending Carolina one day. What should I do?
If your heart is set on Carolina, please know this may not be the end of your journey here. Each year we enroll approximately 800 transfer students into the sophomore and junior classes at Carolina. Transfer students bring with them a diversity of background and experiences that enrich our community tremendously, and we welcome them into the full academic and extracurricular life of the University.

In fact, we’d like to share a story of a recent Carolina graduate named Holly Fisher. Holly’s application was initially denied when she applied to be a first-year student, but she later transferred to Carolina as a sophomore:

Holly Fisher

Holly Fisher BA ’14, MA ’15

“I grew up always knowing that I wanted to go to UNC. When I found out my senior year of high school that I didn’t get in to Carolina, I was extremely disappointed, but I was determined. I attended another school for my first year, all the while keeping my eyes on the prize: transferring to UNC. I worked harder that year than I’ve ever worked before, all in pursuit of eventually calling Carolina my school.

In March of my first year, all of my hard work finally paid off. I got my acceptance letter from UNC. It was a year later than I had hoped, but I still had so much possibility left at Carolina, so I transferred. To say that my first year at UNC was easy or comfortable, or being a transfer student is a simple move would not be truthful to my experience. Carolina is a difficult school—both to get in to, and to attend. Transferring was a challenge for me, but looking back, I’m so glad that I did it.

I graduated from UNC a couple of years ago, and started working on my Master’s Degree in Accounting, also at Carolina. I now work for a Big Four accounting firm in Manhattan, and I attribute a lot of this to having Carolina on my resume. I wanted to go to Carolina because it is full of tradition, history and prestige, and people all over the country recognize that. When I meet partners at my firm in New York, they immediately know my school. Most of these people have never set foot in North Carolina—but they know Chapel Hill. That kind of school recognition isn’t common, and it isn’t easy to attain. It certainly would’ve been easier to stay at my old school, where I built a life and countless friendships, but transferring has been one of the most challenging and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made, and it led me to the opportunities that I have today.” – Holly Fisher BA ’14, MA ‘15

If you’d like to find more information about the transfer student experience, please see Applying as a Transfer Student.

Please let us know if you have any other questions; you may contact us at or at (919) 966-3621.

We wish you the best of luck – whether you decide to apply as a transfer student in the future or if you find your new home at another college or university.

Jan 27

How to View Your Decision When Available

Here are the steps to view your decision when it’s available online.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Login to ConnectCarolina Student Center.”
  3. Log in with your Guest ID. If you do not have a Guest ID, please follow the email instructions we sent to you.  If you do not have these instructions, please email us at
  4. Under Admissions, click on “Click here to view your decision in a new window. Please make sure popup-blocking software is disabled.”

In order to view your decision, please note that, if applicable, the pop-up blocker feature on your browser must be disabled.

Internet Explorer

  1. In the menu bar, go to Tools and navigate down to “Pop-up Blocker”
  2. Click on “Turn-Off Pop-up Blocker.”

Google Toolbar

  1. On the right side of the Toolbar, click the wrench.
  2. Go to the Tools tab.
  3. To allow pop-ups, uncheck the box next to “Pop-up blocker.”
  4. Click Save.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the menu button and choose Options.
  2. Select the Content panel.
  3. In the content panel:
    •    Block pop-up windows: Uncheck this to disable the pop-up blocker altogether.


  1. On the AOL Toolbar, click the Blocking Pop-ups icon, then click Turn Pop-up Controls Off.
    •    Note: The Pop-Up Blocker icon will display a green light symbol over a white window to indicate that you have enabled pop-ups on all websites.

Yahoo Toolbar

  1. Click on the Yahoo Toolbar’s popup blocker icon option arrow. This arrow is pointing down beside of the popup blocker icon.
  2. Click on “Enable Pop-up Blocker” to uncheck.


  1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Show advanced settings.
  4. In the “Privacy” section, click the Content settings button.
  5. In the “Pop-ups” section, select “Allow all sites to show pop-ups.”


  1. Choose Safari > Preferences, then click Security.
  2. In the “Web content” and “Internet plug-ins” sections, select “Block pop-up windows,” then deselect Enable JavaScript, Allow plug-ins, or both.

Or, for an older version of Safari, try

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click on the Safari Menu
  3. Uncheck “Block Pop-Up Windows”

Jan 24

Admissions Office Opening at Noon, Monday, January 25

At this time the University is scheduled to re-open tomorrow at noon. We have cancelled the morning information session and tour, but the Admissions Office will be open starting at noon.

Although we’re sorry that we’ll be unable to take your phone calls until noon, you are welcome to email us at should you have an urgent question. Please know that your questions are important to us, and we will answer your email as soon as possible.

For the latest adverse weather conditions from the University, please visit Alert Carolina. For the latest news from the Admissions Office,  please continue to visit this blog.

Thank you for your interest in Carolina.

Jan 21

Admissions Office To Be Closed on Friday, January 22, 2016

Due to a blast of wintry weather expected by early tomorrow morning, the University has suspended non-mandatory operations for tomorrow, which means that the Admissions Office will be closed. The transfer information session scheduled for tomorrow.

Although we’re sorry that we’ll be unable to take your phone calls tomorrow, you are welcome to email us at should you have an urgent question. Please know that your questions are important to us, and we will answer your email as soon as possible.

For the latest adverse weather conditions from the University, please visit Alert Carolina. For the latest news from the Admissions Office,  please continue to visit this blog.

Thank you for your interest in Carolina.

Jan 21

Meet a Tar Heel- Mugdha Gokhale Makes Forbes’ “30 Under 30” List

PhD candidate Mugdha Gokhale’s innovative healthcare research has earned her a spot on Forbes’ prestigious “30 Under 30: Healthcare” list. Forbes’ annual “30 Under 30” lists honor the brightest young entrepreneurs, creative talents and change agents in a variety of sectors.

Mugdha’s original healthcare research utilizes large health databases to study the safety and effectiveness of medicines in the real world, beyond the impervious environments of clinical trials. Mugdha’s research aims to answer a range of important drug safety questions, like whether new antidiabetics increase the risk of pancreatic cancer, for example.

Mugdha is a PhD candidate in the Department of Epidemiology in UNC’s Gillings School of Public Health. Congratulations to an outstanding Tar Heel!

Jan 15

Go For It. Apply.

To High School Seniors/First-Year Prospective Students,

You’re probably juggling classes, homework, sports, clubs, and maybe even a part time job. However, these are the last few days before the final admissions deadline. Applying for admission into colleges is (the beginning of) the toughest part of senior year. Admissions applications bear a heavy weight on your future, and there may be a lot of things holding you back from applying, especially to UNC. However, the fear of rejection should not be one of them.

During my senior year, I remember being quite a procrastinator myself (although I applied early action). Although I had started my application for Carolina, something besides procrastination got in the way of its completion. To make a long story short, I remember thinking that I did not have a chance of being accepted to the most rigorous and prestigious public school in my state. Bummer, I know. What I didn’t know (and what you should know) is that Carolina reads every application holistically, meaning that one test score or grade doesn’t automatically disqualify anyone from being admitted.

Nonetheless, October 15th came along (which was the early action deadline), and I just thought that it wasn’t meant to be. However, there were some issues with the Common Application the year I applied. Ultimately, UNC extended their application deadline for about a week. An entire week! I felt better about applying during early action, so I did. Despite working, attending cheerleading practice and club meetings, I finished my application with the help of my amazing teachers. Now, I am so grateful that I changed my mind and applied to Carolina! It’s a decision that has pushed me to not be afraid to go after what I want.

Now that January 15th has arrived, you probably should know that UNC has extended their deadline to January 18th. That’s an entire weekend to make any changes and finish up an application that you may have started. You can call it fate, or destiny, or whatever you’d like – but those extra days were my special chance to apply to Carolina and be accepted into one of the best universities in the world. Now, it’s your turn!

Just do it – it’s that simple. Apply.

From a Tar Heel who knows,


Achsah “Reneé” Coleman is a junior majoring in Child Development and Family Studies. She works as a Communications Assistant for the UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Undergraduate Admissions. She can be reached at


Jan 14

Five Reasons to #ApplyUNC by Jan. 18

By Kayla Wilkinson

UNC has extended its final application deadline to January 18 at 11:59 p.m.—all the more reason to #ApplyUNC! In case you need a little extra motivation to submit that application, here are five reasons you should apply to UNC.

The People- The UNC community is full of friendly, diverse people who have created a culture of support instead of a pressure cooker. You’ll meet incredible humans from all walks of life at UNC. Even with those people you never actually meet, the Tar Heel bond is alive and well.

UNC Tar Heels crowd heels towel uncvb

The Setting- There’s no better backdrop for your four exciting, pivotal college years. Campus is beautiful, no matter how many times you’ve walked through it. Chapel Hill is the quintessential college town, full of spirit, youthful energy and a thriving local community. You can be at Duke in 15 minutes, the Research Triangle Park in 20 minutes, NC State in 25 minutes, the state capitol in 30 minutes, the east’s beaches in two hours and the west’s mountains in two hours. It’s a perfect place to live and learn and play.

The Pride- I applied to nine schools, visited more than 10 schools, and still found no other university with anywhere near as much pride as UNC. UNC students love their school and are proud to be Tar Heels. Such strong pride translates into a strong sense of community and incentive to give back and support your fellow Tar Heels in all they do.UNC Tar Heels students uncfb pat on the back

The Opportunity- The biggest perk of UNC’s size is it gives students an incredible amount of opportunity. I’ve had the opportunity to take world-renowned courses taught by a former NPR host, a Walt Disney public relations executive, a Sports Illustrated writer and more. I’ve had the chance to live and study in New Zealand for five months and still earn credits for my major. I’ve had the opportunity to apply for all kinds of scholarships and grants and fellowships, and I’ve received thousands of dollars toward my education through the generosity of UNC and its affiliates. I’ve been connected with leading professionals from a wide array of companies and have had the chance to work and intern with the university, a non-profit, a digital media outlet, a professional sports team and an agency. I’ve gotten to stand in the risers for Carolina basketball games, and attend countless football, soccer, lacrosse and baseball games, all for free. I never would have had these kinds of opportunities had I not come to Carolina.

The Holistic Review- UNC’s Admissions Office reviews applications holistically, so no single grade, test score or other number will automatically disqualify you from admission. Don’t let any uncertainties about your chances of getting accepted keep you from applying—I doubted my chances at admittance and now I’ll be a UNC graduate in four months. You never know what you can accomplish unless you try.  

Kayla is a senior from Frederick, Maryland, majoring in Strategic Communication in the School of Media and Journalism. You can reach her at