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The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dec 9

#MeetaTarHeel: Vergie A. Taylor

There are many people in the University Career Services office who are committed to serving Carolina students. Today, we’re featuring Vergie A. Taylor, Assistant Director of University Career Services, who tirelessly advocates for students while adding spunk and energy to the Carolina community.

We sat down to chat with Taylor and learn more about her Career Planning Counselor role at UCS. For her, “the conversations that I have with students keep me motivated to do my job.” A graduate of North Carolina Central University and Kansas State University, she has been with UNC-Chapel Hill since 1990. Prior to working at UCS, Taylor worked in the Wake County School System, Auburn University and Tuskegee University.

“Why I love what I do”

When she was notified that she would receive the Harvey E. Beech Award back in 2012, Taylor wrote a speech that she ended up having to revise on the very day of acceptance. The Beech Award is always given at Homecoming, a weekend when several students and alumni stop by her office to visit. That particular Homecoming, a former student didn’t show up alone. Taylor would always tell him to bring a picture of his three kids when he visited — and this time, he did one better. He brought them to meet Taylor.

“After having them come visit, I had to revise my remarks. The fact is that I remember him as a student, and here he is with his family, all his boys. Seeing the growth in your students on their journey to adulthood is inspiring.

High Tech/High Touch

While her job spans many responsibilities, one is new to the modern age. Taylor helps facilitate Google Hangouts and Skype sessions between students and recruiters.  “Everything is becoming so high tech, high touch. When I started here we didn’t even have a website!”

Now, students can schedule an appointment with UCS online. Taylor believes that UCS has a dual personal touch that makes the center stand out. Students can connect with the office online, using high-tech methods, or they can walk in and meet with an advisor at their convenience.

Tips and Tricks

One thing that Taylor was excited to share is a link on the UCS website that reads: What can you do with this degree? Students are pleasantly surprised with what they can do with all the degrees and certificates that UNC offers.

The website also has a First Destination Survey. When students graduate, they can fill out the survey and view information about previously graduated students degrees and their careers. This information can help undecided students figure out what major they want based on the graduate and career opportunities.

Yet another resource? The people around campus. “I always tell students to check with our TAs and professors for internships and jobs. They often know where their previous students have jobs and can provide networking opportunities,” said Taylor.

Taylor’s advice for those seeking a job or internship: “Work on your hit list whether you are looking for an internship or jobs. Let it grow, then be prepared to follow up. I hear from employers all the time that students don’t follow up.” Then in contrast, Taylor said, “I hear students say I applied for 5 internships… or I applied for 10 internships or jobs and when they say they haven’t heard anything.”

Her response is, “What’s wrong with your fingers? Reach out and touch. You have to call and email people to follow up.”

We are fortunate to have such strong advocates for our students as Vergie A. Taylor. We send our sincere thanks to the entire UCS staff, who work to assist students in pursuing their dreams. To find out more about UCS, visit

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