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The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Apr 7

FAQs for Transfer Applicants

Today, we released decisions for transfer applicants. We were honored to receive thousands of applications, and we had to make many tough decisions. Most students can view their decision through their Connect Carolina Student Center (see instructions here). A small number of applicants are still under review and will not receive a decision today. If you’re one of these students, you should have received an email notification with more details. We hope to have your decision available soon.

Below are some frequent questions we get from transfer students. If you have additional questions or if you are unable to view your decision and you did not receive an email notifying you of a delay, please contact us at or at (919) 966-3621, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM– 5:00 PM, EST.

When will I know how my credits will transfer?
We’re now evaluating the transfer credit of admitted students, and within the next few weeks (and no later than May 1), students will receive an email with their evaluation of credit. To ensure that you receive the email, please make sure your email address is listed correctly in your ConnectCarolina Student Center and add “” to your safe-sender email list. In the meantime, check out our Transfer Credit section to learn more about how we evaluate transfer credit.

When will I receive my financial aid package?
The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid will notify you as soon as your FAFSA and CSS PROFILE have been received and reviewed. You’ll need to create an Onyen to log into your ConnectCarolina account, where aid information is displayed. You also need to create and check your UNC email, which is how aid notices are delivered. Learn more.

When is the enrollment deadline?
We ask that you reply to our offer of admission by May 15.

What does it mean to waive my enrollment deposit?
When you enroll at Carolina, you can either pay the $250 enrollment deposit or ask that the fee be waived. If you pay the deposit now, it will be credited to your first-semester bill. If you expect to receive financial aid, you can waive the $250 enrollment deposit.

I’ve enrolled. What’s next?
Hooray! Check out this transfer checklist for the next steps you’ll want to take.

When should I register for classes?
As soon as possible. The Advising Office has some great information for new transfer students here. Soon after enrolling, you can make an appointment online to speak with an academic advisor in person or by phone or Skype. It’s best to register for classes as soon as you can, so that you’ll have the best selection of courses available. Within the next few days, you’ll receive more information by email from the Academic Advising Office about how to get started.


For those of you who received an offer to be included on our waiting list, we’re sorry to ask you to wait even longer for your final decision. We will do our best to get you a decision as soon as we can. Most of your questions will likely be answered in this FAQ sheet, which offers information on how we review our waiting list and how many students we’ve admitted in past years from the waiting list.

Please note that if you would like to be considered for any spots that become available, you must accept a place on our waiting list by May 1. To accept your place on our waiting list, please log into your Connect Carolina Student Center, and follow the steps that are provided in your online decision.