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Welcome back. We’ve missed you.

You should apply for readmission if:

  • You withdrew from the University or did not complete a semester and wish to re-enroll as a degree-seeking student.

If you were academically ineligible or suspended when you left the University, you must restore your eligibility to enroll by contacting Undergraduate Retention. If you have questions about your academic eligibility, please contact an Academic Advisor.

A student who withdrew from the University for psychological or disciplinary reasons must complete the readmission application and have clearance from either Counseling and Psychological Services or the Office of the Dean of Students as appropriate before being readmitted. Students leaving the University for medical reasons must also complete the readmission application but do not need to be cleared by Campus Health Services. Students withdrawing due to deployment and or military training will also need to complete an application for readmission.

Please read our FAQ’s for more information about Readmission. If you have additional questions, please contact us at rad@admissions.unc.edu.

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