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Frequently Asked Questions for Students Whose Applications Were Deferred to Regular Decision

I have been deferred. What does this mean?
We are deferring our decision of your admission candidacy because we need more time and more information—about your performance in school this year, and about our applicant pool—in order to make our final decision.

How do I submit my midyear grades?
To enable us to consider your candidacy as carefully and as thoroughly as possible, we will need for you to self-report your midyear grades online. We will send you an email the first week of February with instructions on how to submit this information online. We do not need an official midyear transcript; instead you’ll enter your own grades online. If you are admitted, we will confirm your self-reported midyear grades when we receive your official final transcript, which is a firm enrollment requirement.

What do you mean by midyear grades?
Midyear grades are your most recent grades in all of the courses you’ve taken so far this year. Most students report first-semester grades. If your school is on a trimester system, you may report your first trimester grades.

May I submit additional test scores?
If you would like for us to consider additional SAT or ACT scores, please ask the appropriate testing service to send them directly to us by early February. Our SAT code is 5816, and our ACT code is 3162. Since we receive scores electronically, you do not need to request rush or priority delivery.

Is there anything else I can do?
In making our final decision, we will consider everything you have already submitted to us, the midyear grades you will report, and the overall strength of our applicant pool. Additional information, including letters of recommendation, are not necessary.

We are honored by your continued interest in us and greatly appreciate your patience while we make our decision. In the meantime, it is very important that you now turn your attention toward successfully completing your final year of high school. This step is crucial to a smooth transition to college in the fall.

What are my chances of being admitted?
Unfortunately, this is very difficult to predict at this point in the year. Every year is different, and the number of deferred candidates who we can admit depends on a number of factors. Last year, we eventually offered admission to 339 students whose decisions we had previously deferred; the number the year before was 423.

When will I receive my decision?
You will receive an updated decision by the end of March.

Why does it take so long?
We can appreciate that you have waited patiently for our decision, and we are sorry that we must now ask you to wait still longer. We take great care in building a strong entering class each year, and every application is extremely important to us. We need the extra time to make sure that your application, along with those of the other candidates who are also awaiting a decision, receives a careful and thoughtful review before making a final decision.

If you have any questions, please contact us at unchelp@admissions.unc.edu or at (919) 966-3621.

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