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Honors Carolina

Each year, we invite approximately 400 first-year students to enroll in Honors Carolina. If you embrace the chance to work hard, take risks, defend a belief, and challenge received wisdom, you’ll feel right at home here. Honors Carolina is community of exceptional students and faculty who share a passion for learning and a commitment to putting knowledge to work in the world.

Honors Carolina students work in partnership with world-class faculty — whether that’s in a Chapel Hill classroom, on an archaeological dig in Peru, or at a health clinic in South Africa. They take charge of their learning by venturing out into the world on study projects of their own design, by writing about original research in their senior theses, and by developing and teaching courses grounded in their most passionate intellectual interests. Honors Carolina students go on to top graduate and professional schools across the nation and abroad. They also have a knack for winning prestigious scholarships. Carolina has produced more Rhodes Scholars in the past 10 years than any other public university in the nation—and more Luce Scholars than any other university in the nation, public or private.

The Honors Carolina residential community option fosters first-year student development through special programs designed to bridge the gap between study and practice, between what students learn and how they apply that knowledge in the world. Through resume workshops, peer tutoring sessions, conversations with young alumni, and other forums, students make connections and begin to build a network that will serve them well in the years to come.

We have a message at Honors Carolina: Come Here. Go Anywhere. Based on our graduates, and what they have achieved, this message is actually a promise. If you come to Honors Carolina and take advantage of all that Chapel Hill has to offer, we promise that you will go anywhere your hopes and dreams might lead.

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Students lounge and study under tree at Polk Place on UNC campus
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