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Midyear Grade Reporting Instructions

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions requires first-year applicants to report their midyear grades online with the form that is provided in your ConnectCarolina Student Center. We stress that it is your responsibility to self-report your own grades and to make sure that the grades you report are accurate and complete. If you are admitted, we will confirm these self-reported grades when we receive your official final transcript, which is a firm enrollment requirement.

NOTE: If you have graduated or are taking a gap year, you are not required to complete the mid-year grade report. 

Click “update” to enter your grade for each course, as well as an explanation for any courses you may have added or dropped since you applied. Please report your first-semester, first-quarter, or first-trimester grades in each of the courses you are attempting this year. If your high school operates on a block schedule, please report your final course grades from the fall term. If you do not have a grade yet for a listed course, please leave it blank.  If you did not take a course you indicated you were taking when you applied for admission, please specify that it was dropped and provide an explanation  If your school reports numeric grades, please enter the equivalent letter grade for each course based on your own school’s grading scale.

I sent you a transcript with my midyear grades. Why won’t this work?
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, but we must ask you to self-report your own grades. We cannot accept them from a transcript or from a report from your counselor. The only way to report your grades is to submit them yourself using the midyear grade form on your to-do list. We appreciate your cooperation and continued interest in Carolina.

Examples of how to enter numeric grades:

Numeric grade of 91
The letter grade equivalent is an A-.
Select A- in the grade box and type “91” in the comment box.

School grade is HP.
Select “Pass” in the grade box and type “HP” in the comment box.

What if my grades are not reported as letter grades (A, B, C, etc)?
Please do your best to convert your grades to a letter equivalent. For example, for a numeric grade of 91, the letter grade equivalent is an A-. Please select A- in the grade box and type “91” in the comment box.

If you are unable to identify an equivalent, you are welcome to provide a short note in the comment box with more information for us.

What if I am on the IB program and my grades are on a 7-point scale?

When entering your midyear grades on an IB scale, please simply enter “Pass” and then enter your numeric grade in the comment box.

I never received the email with instructions on creating my Guest ID and can’t submit my midyear grades or check my To-do list.
After you submitted your application, you received an email from us to the email address we had on record for you with these instructions. Are you still using that email address? If so, please check your spam or junk folders as those instructions may have gone into those folders. If you have checked your email account and do not see these instructions, please email us at unchelp@admissions.unc.edu from the email address that you used when you applied and we will resend them to you. If you are no longer using the email address that you provided in your application, please call us at 919-966-3621.

I receive this message when attempting to report my grades:
“Get of Midyear Grades Update Component failed (0,0 NC_DERIVED_ADM.NC_SS_SUBMIT.FieldChange PCPC:1400 Statement:21”

For now, please exit the system and try again in 30 minutes. Make sure you’re using Internet Explorer or Firefox. We understand that this browser provides optimal results.

I have submitted my grades, but this item is still on my To-do list. What can I do?
This is a simple fix. Please make sure to check the certify box and click on the submit button to submit your grades. If the certify box is already checked, please uncheck it, check it again and the submit button should appear.

My school does not report midyear grades. What should I do?
No worries. Just submit your first quarter or first trimester grade. For example, just submit your first quarter grade in the box and in the comment box add a comment that says: “This was my first quarter grade. My second quarter grade is (your grade).”



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