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Thanks for your interest in joining the Admissions Ambassadors!

Admissions Ambassadors support the office in both Tour Guide and Office Assistant roles.

Applications are now closed and will reopen next spring.

Q&A with an ambassador

Meet Katie Taylor ’26

Major/Minor: Biology Major with a Marine Science Minor
Hometown: Cary, North Carolina

Why did you decide to apply to become an ambassador?

I applied to become an ambassador to share the joy of Carolina’s campus to prospective students and their families. The college application process can be a very intimidating time, but I wanted to help students find some excitement in the journey. I love the Carolina community, and I wanted to be a connection for them to see all that the university has to offer.

What do you enjoy most about being on the team?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I have loved being part of the ambassador community! All the ambassadors are involved in so many things around campus, and I enjoy hearing about their passions at Carolina. In addition to being great coworkers they have also become my friends, catching up around campus, chatting over coffee, or going to trivia. Having such a strong group of coworkers makes me even more excited to give tours each week and allows admissions to be a stronger team all together.

What surprised you the most about being an ambassador?

I was surprised at how much more I have learned about Carolina since starting. In connecting prospective students to resources and opportunities on campus I have also found new clubs that interest me and ways to get involved further. This has helped me during my undergrad and contributes to my improvement as an ambassador, a win-win for me and my tours!

What advice do you have for new ambassadors?

My advice to new ambassadors is to bring energy to your tours! The prospective students are excited to be there, and you should be just as excited to meet them and tell them about the university. I have found that both the visitors and I have a more enjoyable time when I am chatting between stops and connecting with the students. Overall, I focus on spreading the Carolina spirit and the rest of my tour flows easily.

I highly recommend becoming an ambassador, as it is one of my favorite things that I’m involved with on campus. Starting over the summer was a great way for me to join a tight-knit group of other ambassadors and helped me roll into the new school year with a new community.


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