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Class Profile

The students who are joining us in Fall 2017 are dedicated to excellence, both inside and outside the classroom. They’re distinguished not only by their academic credentials, but also by their extraordinary creativity, perseverance, compassion, and humility. Read more about the holistic review that we use to find them.


First-Year Students


40,918 applied
9,709 admitted (24% of all students applying; 46% of NC applicants; 14% of out-of-state applicants)
4,355 enrolled (45% of all students admitted; 61% of NC admits; 20% of out-of-state admits)


1st in high-school class 8% (of those whose schools reported rank)
1st or 2nd in high-school class 14%
Top 10% of high-school class 78%

25th-75th percentiles * (Middle 50 percent)
—SAT Critical Reading 640-720
—SAT Math 630-730
—ACT Composite 28-33


U.S. citizens 95%
Permanent residents 2%
Non-resident aliens 3%

Female 61%
Male 39%

First-generation college 17%
Carolina Covenant Scholars 12%

States represented 41
NC counties represented 93
Countries represented 29 (including the United States)

Sons or daughters of UNC alumni 19%

One race or ethnicity only  86%
Two or more races 10%
No race or ethnicity reported 4%

All reported races/ethnicities
Asian/Asian American 16%
Black/African American 10%
Caucasian/White 71%
Hispanic/Latino/Latina 8%
Native American 2%
Pacific Islander 0.2%

Transfer Students

Each year we enroll about 800 transfer students into the College of Arts and Sciences. Transfer students bring a diversity of backgrounds and experiences that enrich our community, and we welcome them into the full academic and extracurricular life of the University.

3,299 applied
1,123 admitted (34% of students applying)
709 enrolled

Academic Level
First year (Fewer than 30 transferrable hours) 104
Sophomore (30-59 transferrable hours) 236
Junior (60 or more transferrable hours) 369

First year transfers
Average college GPA: 3.74
25th-75th percentiles
—SAT (Critical Reading + Math) 1230-1450
—ACT 27-33

Sophomore transfers
Average college GPA: 3.74
25th-75th percentiles
—SAT (Critical Reading + Math) 1210-1400
—ACT 27-32

Junior transfers
Average college GPA: 3.71
25th-75th percentiles
—SAT (Critical Reading + Math) 1180-1335
—ACT 22-28
(Junior transfer applicants are not required to submit test scores.)

First-generation college 34%
Carolina Covenant Scholars 31%
38% of the class transferred from a NC community college.
Top feeder schools include Wake Technical Community College, N.C. State University, Durham Technical Community College, Alamance Community College, Miami Dade College, Central Carolina Community College, Central Piedmont Community College, Cape Fear Community College, Appalachian State University, UNC-Greensboro, UNC-Charlotte, and Fayetteville Technical Community College.

Sons and daughters of UNC Alumni 9%

Age 21 or below 78%
Age 22-30 18%
Over 30 years of age 4%

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The current undergraduate population is 18,000 students. For more information on university demographics, please see the website for the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment and click on “Student Data.”

Views of first year students arriving at freshman camp at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Students sit near tree on UNC campus