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For Students Applying with Disabilities

Each application for admission is considered in competition with all other applications. However, if you believe that your academic progress has been affected by disability-related issues, you are welcome to voluntarily supply documentation about the disability and its specific impact on your educational experiences (the information needed to assess impact is set out below). If you supply such documentation, we will keep it confidential and use it only as part of our voluntary efforts to increase participation by individuals with disabilities in accordance with 34 CFR 104.42(c). Your choosing not to supply this information will not subject you to any adverse treatment.

If you wish to provide this documentation, please submit it with your application for admission to:

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions
UNC-Chapel Hill
Campus Box 2200, Jackson Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Telephone (919) 966-3621
Fax (919) 962-3045

What to include:
Please provide any formal evaluations or documents used by the last school in which you were enrolled to determine the need for academic accommodations or modifications. Please send:

  • Copies of all IEP, SOP, or 504 Plans that indicate the accommodations or modifications you were provided


A written statement on school letterhead from the appropriate public or private school personnel that indicates:

  • The nature of the disability
  • The specific academic impact resulting from the disability; and
  • The accommodations received to date to address the impacted academic area(s) from your high school career.

If applicable (for transfer students) please submit a written statement from the Disability Services Officer or designated administrator including your diagnosed disability and specific accommodations you received during college.

Required for all applicants. In addition to these official documents, please also complete and submit the personal impact statement.

If you are admitted to Carolina, please note that the documentation that you provided to the Admissions Office does not automatically qualify you to receive services or accommodations, and is not forwarded to Accessibility Resources and Services. You will be asked to provide documentation that meets the University’s specific guidelines. For further questions, please refer to the full documentation guidelines or contact Accessibility Resources and Services.


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