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Academic Eligibility Standards

As of May 13, 2014, all undergraduate students are subject to the same standards of satisfactory academic progress, as defined below, regardless of when they began college.

1. Cumulative Grade Point Average. The University monitors each student’s grade point average every term. After the first full-time term at UNC–Chapel Hill, all full-time undergraduates must maintain a 2.000 cumulative UNC–Chapel Hill grade point average. Students enrolled via Part-time Classroom Studies must maintain a 2.000 cumulative UNC–Chapel Hill grade point average after having attempted nine or more credit hours.

2. Academic Semester Credit Hours. Full-time undergraduates must have the following number of academic semester credit hours passed:

  •  9 academic hours to enter a second semester
  • 24 academic hours to enter a third semester (30 hours is recommended)
  • 36 academic hours to enter a fourth semester
  • 51 academic hours to enter a fifth semester (60 hours is recommended)
  • 63 academic hours to enter a sixth semester
  • 78 academic hours to enter a seventh semester (90 hours is recommended)
  • 93 academic hours to enter an eighth semester
  • Special permission of the dean to enter a ninth semester (105 hours is required)

3. Ratio of Attempted-to-Completed Cumulative Credit Hours. Undergraduates must earn a passing grade in at least two-thirds of cumulative attempted credit hours. Hours from individual course withdrawals count as attempted but not completed credit hours

For a full explanation of each of the four standards, please refer to the student success website. For additional details about the academic eligibility policy, you may also consult the University Catalog.

If you’re seeking readmission to the College of Arts and Sciences, consult studentsuccess.unc.edu or an adviser in the Steele Building for more information.

If you’re seeking readmission to one of the University’s professional schools, consult the advisors in your school’s dean’s office for more information.

Note: If you are academically ineligible (suspended), you must submit an appeal for probation through the Office of Undergraduate Retention for approval to enroll in any courses at UNC — including Summer School and Carolina Courses Online. Information about the Appeal for Probation process is available in the appeals section of the student success website.

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