Accelerated Research

You want to explore a topic outside the classroom and join a community of inspired thinkers.

Consider this program if:

You’re creative thinker and problem solver in all disciplines with wide-ranging interests in a community based on research, scholarship, and inquiry-driven learning.

Available to:

First-year students

Program Includes:

This program enables students to build their problem-solving, critical-thinking, and project-management skills. Problem-solving is a valuable skill in every field, and past research projects have spanned areas as diverse as:

  • Creative writing
  • Performing arts
  • International microfinance and globalization
  • Genomics and nano-manipulation

Students who are selected for the program will receive early exposure to research with:

  • A peer adviser to help you navigate the UNC-CH research community and network.
  • An opportunity to network with faculty and fellow student researchers at a welcome reception.
  • Guidance from the Office for Undergraduate Research on how to meet the requirements for the program, pursue your research interests, and seek funding.
  • Access to special events and research opportunities.
  • The option for priority enrollment in either IDST 194: Modes of Inquiry or IDST 184: Research Beyond Academia — classes with the majority of seats reserved for students in the Accelerated Research Program. You’ll meet renowned faculty and other researchers beyond the UNC community and discuss their current research in these limited-enrollment courses.


“This program is a unique opportunity to learn about and engage in the field of research. It serves as a foundation for students to explore an interest and grow alongside graduate students and professors in a hands-on environment. There is research in every field of study, making this program useful for each student at Carolina.”

Brandon Kelly, Accelerated Research Scholar, UNC ’19