Joint Degree Program with National University of Singapore

The joint degree program with National University of Singapore is the only one of its kind at UNC. It equips students with a higher level of cultural awareness and allows students to expand their global network in a country that is a powerful player in the Asian and global arenas.

The curriculum is designed to allow students to spend anywhere from two to four semesters at National University of Singapore and still graduate on time. The program requires students major in economics, English literature, geography, history, or political science. Students are not allowed to double major, but can have a major and minor.

Consider this opportunity if:

Your ideal study abroad experience would allow you to expand your network, establish a footprint in Asia, and maximize your resources.

Available to:

First-year students

Program includes:

  • Assured enrollment into the small and highly selective Joint Degree Program provided the student maintains a 3.3 GPA. Students must maintain at least a 3.0 while in the program.
  • Students can begin their study at the National University of Singapore as early as sophomore year.
  • Upon completion of the Joint Degree Program students will graduate with a dual degree from UNC Chapel Hill and the National University of Singapore with all earned honors and distinctions from each university.

Visit the Study Abroad website to learn more about the Joint Degree Program with National University of Singapore.


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