Public Policy

Consider this opportunity if:

You seek the knowledge and skills to improve the lives of others.

Available to:

New undergraduate students, both first year and transfer

This dual-degree program provides a path from a UNC bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree in public policy. In this accelerated program, you will begin taking graduate MPP courses in your senior year as you complete your undergraduate degree. As an MPP student, you will complete an internship that aligns with your policy interests, helping you to clarify your career trajectory and strengthen your professional networks. You will also apply analytical and professional skills in a master’s thesis or MPP Capstone policy project, conducting original research or using your knowledge and skills to address a real-world policy challenge. The program prepares you for careers in policy making, research, analysis, and advocacy work. The knowledge and skills gained through this degree are highly transferrable to a range of public, non-profit, and private sector careers. Students do not have to complete an undergraduate major or minor in public policy in order to participate in the dual-degree program, though a set of prerequisite courses is required.

Program includes:

  • Priority registration for core classes in the major and for graduate-level classes
  • Early academic advising and mentoring
  • Early access to career advising and professional development resources, including guidance in securing internships
  • Opportunities to make connections through events