Southern Futures Fellows

Southern Futures Fellows partner with communities, faculty, researchers, artists, policymakers, and storytellers to reimagine the American South through research and creative discovery — to build a future where all southern communities can flourish.

Consider this opportunity if:

  • You want to use the resources at Carolina in partnership with your community to find solutions to persistent challenges across regions of the South.
  • You want to use storytelling, music, or art to connect people and share the culture, history, and values of communities in the American South.
  • You want to conduct research that amplifies the voices, knowledge, and stories of the people who live in your community.

Available To:

New undergraduate students, both first-year and transfer, with an interest in contributing to the future prosperity of communities in the American South. Students interested in all majors are welcome.

Program Includes:

  • A one-time award of $5,000 to conduct mentored research, creative discovery, or service through Southern Futures during the summer after your first, second, or third year at Carolina.
  • Courses and programs that foster an understanding of the relationship between the American South and the world.
  • Connections and collaboration with students and faculty across all academic majors.