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Who We Want

There is no formula. And we’re proud of this.

Each year, we build a class of students who will inspire one another to do great things. When you come to Carolina, you’re not just signing up for classes or hanging your hat on a dorm room door. You’re joining a team. And because we’re recruiting a team of people who will work together, we want a variety of strengths and talents that, together, will form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. So, not every talented student needs to be talented in the same way. There’s no specific set of qualities or accomplishments we’re looking for. Instead, we look for evidence that you are the type of person who sees opportunity in every challenge, who likes to tackle problems, and who will encourage classmates to greatness.

How We Decide
It’s not easy to get into Carolina. You probably already knew that. We receive applications from many more talented students than we have room for in each entering class. So how do we decide? Well, we’re deeply committed to making our selection as smart, careful and—above all—compassionate as we can. We don’t use formulas or cutoffs or thresholds; no one is automatically admitted or denied because of a single number. We read every application, thoroughly.

When there’s any question, we follow up with the applicant and discuss it as a team. The road you may have traveled to Carolina isn’t the same as anyone else’s, and we celebrate the variety of interests, backgrounds and aspirations our students bring with them. We strive to know our applicants as individuals and to treat them as such. If you ever need help or guidance as you apply for admission to Carolina, we hope you’ll reach out to us and ask.

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