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Assured Admission: Dual Degree in the School of Education

You want to teach our future generation.

If this sounds like you, then you should consider the following Excel@Carolina opportunity.

Academic Program Overview
The dual Bachelor’s/Master of Arts in Teaching Program is designed to prepare candidates for an initial teaching license in North Carolina and includes a year-long residency in a public school setting. Students learn to serve and challenge today’s diverse student populations through a variety of contexts.

Participants in the program may pursue licensure in these areas:

  • Elementary Education (Kindergarten – Grade 6)
  • Science (Grades 6-8 and/or Grades 9-12)
  • Social Studies (Grades 6-8 and/or Grades 9-12)
  • English/Language Arts (Grades 6-8 and/or Grades 9-12)
  • Mathematics (Grades 6-8 and/or Grades 9-12)

Students may choose to pursue a specialty license in Special Education and English Language Learners, which are areas of high need in our schools.

Assured Admission Details:
The Assured Admission Program offers top-ranked first-year Carolina students an opportunity to accelerate their entry into the School and graduate-level coursework and join a community of academically motivated Carolina students.

Assured Admission in the School of Education offers:

  • Early conditional enrollment in the School’s new dual Bachelor’s-Master of Arts in Teaching program. (Official acceptance and enrollment in the program is dependent upon meeting Graduate School admissions requirements.)
  • Automatic admission into the very popular and competitive Minor in Education, offering you the opportunity to pursue your interest in education with other students of varied backgrounds across campus.
  • Enrollment in the First Year Seminar “School Daze: What’s School Got to do with Getting an Education?” (EDUC 065, offered spring semesters)
  • Participation in monthly social and educational gatherings with faculty members and education students, including your Assured Admission program peers.
  • Priority access to the School of Education’s undergraduate advisor for the Bachelor’s/MAT, as well as other majors.
  • Priority registration for graduate-level foundational courses that transfer into the MAT.

Learn more about the Bachelor’s/MAT program.

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