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Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering

Application Instructions for Sophomore and Junior Transfers

Thank you for your interest in the Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering (BMHE) program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The BMHE program provides a well-rounded science education to students interested in changing the world of medicine and technology. Biomedical engineers are responsible for developing such technology as:

Surgical robots // Prosthetic devices // Medical imaging (such as MRI, CT, Ultrasound and X-ray) // Medical diagnostics // Therapeutics

A unique aspect of our program is that we are partnered with a top-notch engineering college just miles away at North Carolina State University (NC State). Students in the program are registered students at both Carolina and NC State. Our faculty are jointly appointed, and many of our courses are offered at both institutions. This unique relationship offers our students a wealth of opportunities for research, group collaboration, coursework, and exposure to experts in medicine and engineering. Students can take advantage of opportunities at NC State, or they can meet all degree requirements on the Carolina campus.

Students will be charged an additional fee of $500/semester. This fee is projected to increase to $750 per semester in the fall of 2020. The money is directly applied to the undergraduate program to enhance the undergraduate laboratory, internship, and outreach experience.

We look forward to receiving your application and learning more about you.


Admission Requirements

Students typically enter the program after completing the prerequisite courses listed here.  Successful completion of the prerequisite courses listed does not guarantee admission to the program. BMHE students are selected on the basis of:

  • Science and math prerequisite course GPA
  • Overall GPA
  • The application essay



Please submit your Common Application and application fee to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by February 15, 2020.

Application Instructions

To apply for admission, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Common Application to create an account and start your application.
  • Please note that as part of your application, you will be asked to write an essay explaining your interest in the field, relevant experiences, extracurricular activities, and post-graduation plans.
  • Submit the Common Application and application fee by the deadline above.
  • Submit official transcripts from all secondary and post-secondary schools to:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Jackson Hall, Campus Box 2200
Chapel Hill, NC  27599-2200


Additional Resources

Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering website
Admissions Info for Transfer Students
Video Introduction

Should you have any questions about the application process or program, please contact the BMHE Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator at bme_info@unc.edu.


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