Military Service Credit

ExperienceBranchUNC CreditUNC Hours
Basic Training or Officer Candidate SchoolGeneral MilitaryLFIT (Physical Fitness) Requirement: PHYA 9980
U.S. Army Basic Combat TrainingU.S. ArmyArmy 101, 1022
U.S. Army Warrior Leader CourseU.S. ArmyArmy 201, 2024
U.S. Army Advanced Leader CourseU.S. ArmyArmy 1963
U.S. Army Senior Leader CourseU.S. ArmyArmy 1903
U.S. Navy Basic Military TrainingU.S. NavyNaval Science 1011
U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted AcademyU.S. NavyNaval Science 2013
U.S. Air Force Basic Military TrainingU.S. Air ForceAerospace Studies 101, 1022
4+ years of Air Force service OR completion of Airman Leadership School OR completion of Non-Commissioned OfficerU.S. Air ForceAerospace Studies 201, 2022
U.S. Marine Corps Basic Military TrainingU.S. Marine CorpsNaval Science 1011
U.S. Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Career Course OR U.S. Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Advanced CourseU.S. Marine CorpsNaval Science 2013
U.S. Coast Guard Basic Military TrainingU.S. Coast GuardNaval Science 1011
U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer AcademyU.S. Coast GuardNaval Science 2013
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