Military Service Credit

BranchCourse NumberExperienceUNC CreditUNC Hours
General MilitaryLFIT 998Basic Training or Officer Candidate SchoolLFIT (Physical Fitness) Requirement:LFIT 9980
U.S. Air ForceU.S. Air Force Basic Military TrainingAERO 101, 1022
U.S. Air Force4+ years of Air Force service OR completion of Airman Leadership School OR completion of Non-Commissioned OfficerAERO 201, 2022
U.S. ArmyAR 2201-0399U.S. Army Basic Combat TrainingArmy 101, 1022
U.S. ArmyAR 2201-0604U.S. Army Warrior Leader CourseArmy 201, 2024
U.S. ArmyAR 2201-0687U.S. Army Advanced Leader CourseArmy 1963
U.S. ArmyU.S. Army Senior Leader CourseArmy 1903
U.S. ArmyAR 0504-0020Basic Public AffairsGENR ----3
U.S. ArmyAR 0504-0025Intermediate PhotojournalismGENR ----3
U.S. ArmyAR 0602-0019Portuguese - 12 SCHSPORT 101 + PORT 1026
U.S. ArmyAR 0602-0021Portuguese Special TopicsGENR Elective3
U.S. ArmyAR 2201-0603Warrior Leader or Basic LeaderArmy 201, 2024
U.S. ArmyAR 1715-0917Signal Supply System Specialist Advanced LeaderArmy 1963
U.S. ArmyAR 1512-00200Psychological Operations QualPSYC ----3
U.S. ArmyAR 0801-0036Special Operations Combat Medic (SOCM)BIOL 252 + BIOL 252LFC-NATSCI
U.S. ArmyAR 0703-0034Special Forces Medical Sergeant (SFMS)BIOL 252 + BIOL 252L + BIOL 253 + BIOL 253LFC-NATSCI
U.S. ArmyAR 0703-0031Special Force Medical SergeantBIOL 252 + BIOL 252L + BIOL 253 + BIOL 253L8
U.S. ArmyCLC 081 F31Combat LifesaverEXSS 2883
U.S. ArmyMOS 12Y-001Terrain Data SpecialistGEOG 1103
U.S. ArmyMOS 00R-003Recruiter/RetentionCOMM 1133
U.S. ArmyMOS 13B-005Cannon CrewmemberCOMM 113 + ENGL/COM Elective9
U.S. ArmyMOS 18D-003SargentGEOG 123 + COMM/MCRO Elective9
U.S. ArmyMOS 22K-003Hawk Missile & Launcher RepairNOT ACCEPTED0
U.S. ArmyMOS 23V-002Hawk Maintenance ChiefCOMM 1133
U.S. ArmyMOS 35P-005Crytologic LinguistCOMM 1130
U.S. ArmyMOS 35Q-002SpecialistCOMM/COMP Elective6
U.S. ArmyMOS 43E-003Parachute RiggerNOT ACCEPTED3
U.S. ArmyMOS 74F-004Software/AnakystCOMP 1013
U.S. ArmyMOS 75D-004Personnel Records SpecialistNOT ACCEPTED0
U.S. ArmyMOS 77L-002Petroleum Lab SpecialistNOT ACCEPTED0
U.S. ArmyMOS 77W-002Water Treatment SpecialistNOT ACCEPTED0
U.S. ArmyMOS 79R-002RecruiterENGL 304 + COMM 1136
U.S. ArmyMOS 88Y-002Marine Senior SeageantNOT ACCEPTED0
U.S. ArmyMOS 89B-001Ammunition SpecialistNOT ACCEPTED0
U.S. ArmyMOS 91D-004Operating Room SpecialistNOT ACCEPTEDo
U.S. ArmyMOS 91P-005Self-Propel Artillery SYS MechCOMM 113 + COMM 1206
U.S. ArmyMOS 91Q-004Pharmacy SpecialistNOT ACCEPTED0
U.S. ArmyMOS 91S-006Stryker Systems MaintainerCOMM 113 + COMM 1206
U.S. ArmyMOS 91Z-002Mech Maintenance SupervisorCOMM 1133
U.S. ArmyMOS 92E-001Cytology SpecialistNOT ACCEPTED0
U.S. Coast GuardCG 2205-0011U.S. Coast Guard Basic Military TrainingNAV 1011
U.S. Coast GuardCG 1511-0002U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer AcademyNAV 2013
U.S. Coast GuardCG 2205-0035Recruit TrainingLFIT 9980
U.S. Coast GuardCGR ASM-002Aviation SurvivialmanCOMM 1133
U.S. Coast GuardCGR MK-004Machinery TechnicianCOMM Elective3
U.S. Marine CorpsMC 1405-0051Corporal's NCO Officer ProNAVS 2013
U.S. Marine CorpsMC 2202-0008U.S. Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Career Course OR U.S. Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Advanced CourseNAVS 2013
U.S. Marine CorpsMC 2204-0088Recruit Training MasterNAVS 1011
U.S. Marin CorpsMC 2204-0103Staff NCO AcademyNAVS 2013
U.S. Marine CorpsMC 2204-0140Resident Staff NCO OfficerNAVS 2013
U.S. Marine CorpsMC 2204-0174U.S. Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Career Course OR U.S. Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Advanced CourseNAVS 2013
U.S. Marine CorpsMCE 0211-001Counter/Human Source Intelligence SpecialistNOT ACCEPTED3
U.S. Marine CorpsMCE 1812-001M1A1 Tank CrewmanNOT ACCEPTED3
U.S. Marine CorpsMCE 2171-001RepairerENGL ELECTIVE3
U.S. Marine CorpsMCE 3052-002Packing SpecialistCOMP ELECTIVE3
U.S. Marine CorpsMCE 4671-001Combat VideographerENGL ELECTIVE3
U.S. Marine CorpsMCE 6177-001Weapon & Tact Crew Chief InspectorCOMM 1133
U.S. Marine CorpsMCE 6257-003Fixed Wing Aircraft MechanicCOMM Elective3
U.S. NavyNV 2202-0165U.S. Navy Basic Military TrainingNAVS1011
U.S. NavyU.S. Navy Senior Enlisted AcademyNAVS 2013