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N.C. School of Science and Math Course Credit

Due to a new articulation agreement between UNC-Chapel Hill and the N.C. School of Science and Math (NCSSM) that was approved in January 2015, we will now award credit for NCSSM coursework, starting with the Fall 2015 entering class and all entering classes going forward. Credit should be posted in middle to late July for new enrolling students.

Credit for these courses was determined by UNC-Chapel Hill department chairs and faculty and will be awarded in the subjects listed below. Please note that if you already qualify for credit based on the results of an Advanced Placement (AP) exam, we will award you the highest level of eligible credit, either through the NCSSM course or the AP exam. For more, see the complete list of AP, IB, and A-Level program credit.

NCSSM Course(s) Minimum NCSSM Grade
UNC-CH Course
BI434 + BI436 + BI438 B BIOL101, BIOL101L
CH401 + CH402 B CHEM 101, CHEM 101L, CHEM 102, CHEM 102L
CH405 + CH406 B CHEM 101, CHEM 101L, CHEM 102, CHEM 102L
CH424 + CH426 B CHEM 101, CHEM 101L, CHEM 102, CHEM 102L
FR 404 + FR 406 + FR 408 B FREN 260
LA 404 + LA 406 + LA 408 B LATN 204
LA 410 + LA 412 + LA 414 B LATN 203
MA480 + MA482 B MATH 233
MA484 + MA486 B  MATH 233
MA420 + MA422 + MA424 B MATH 231, MATH 232
MA416 + MA426 B MATH 231,  MATH 232
MA432  + MA 434 B MATH 231, MATH 232
PH403 B PHYS 116, PHYS117
PH404 + PH406 + PH408 B PHYS 118
PH418 + PH420 B ASTR 101, ASTR 102
SPA 454 + SPA 456 + SPA 458 B SPAN 260
MA404  + MA406 + MA408 B STOR 155 or STOR 151
MA440 + MA442 + MA444 B STOR 155
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