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Current Students – Transfer Credit Evaluation

If you are a current student and you would like to have additional transfer credit applied toward your degree at Carolina, please follow the instructions below. All requests are handled electronically, so there is no need to visit individual academic departments. Please note you must be a currently-enrolled student to make these requests.

Course Approval for Future Transfer Credit

If you are planning to take courses at another college or university and wish to apply those credits toward your degree at Carolina, please complete our Course Evaluation Form. We’ll provide a preliminary evaluation that will tell you how your proposed coursework will transfer back to Carolina. We strongly recommend completing this form and discussing the resulting transfer equivalency with your academic advisor BEFORE taking the class, so you will understand how the course will fit into your curriculum.  Please note: Enrolled students are not permitted to take Self-Paced Courses (externally or internally) except in unusual circumstances.

After submitting the Course Evaluation Form, you will receive a decision by email within 7 business days.

Go to the Course Approval Rules for more information and to access the Course Evaluation Form.

Transfer Course Re-Evaluation

If you have already received an evaluation of transfer credit, but you wish to petition an academic department for additional credit or believe an error was made, please complete a Re-Evaluation request through your ConnectCarolina Student Center.

A re-evaluation request may be submitted for courses that were awarded general elective credit (GENR—), courses that were awarded credit but were assigned no specific course number, and courses that were rejected for credit.

Go to the Re-Evaluation of Transfer Credit page.