When submitting a request for transfer credit, please consider the following rules:

  • If you have already completed 64 semester hours of credit at UNC-Chapel Hill, or will have 64 hours at the conclusion of the semester in which you plan to dual-enroll at a two-year school, you cannot transfer additional credit hours for concurrent courses taken at the two-year institution.
  • You may take course work away from UNC-Chapel Hill provided that your UNC-Chapel Hill grade point average meets the minimum academic eligibility requirement for the semester you plan to re-enroll (see UNC-Chapel Hill catalog section entitled “Academic Eligibility”). Grades and quality points earned elsewhere are not computed into your UNC cumulative grade point average. Enrollment elsewhere (other than summer school) will be counted as semesters earned toward computing eligibility requirements.
  • For study abroad, please note that you may receive credit only for courses taken through officially sanctioned UNC programs. Contact the Study Abroad Office to learn more.
  • A minimum of 45 semester hours of credit must be earned at UNC-Chapel Hill in order to receive a degree from UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • Only 6 hours of your last 30 semester hours may be taken at another institution by permission of your Dean.
  • A minimum of 18 hours of “C” or higher grades (not “C” average) in the major is required.
  • We do not award more hours to be transferred for approved courses than those earned at the original institution.
  • The conversion for quarter hours to semester hours is a 2/3 ratio. For example, a 5-quarter-hour course converted to semester hours is 3.33 semester hours.
  • You should only submit a course approval request for the term in which you plan to take and complete the course.  Approved courses taken outside of the term for which they were approved will not be honored in the event of a transfer credit update or change is made.
  • Self-Pace Courses:  Enrolled students are not permitted to take Self-Paced Courses except in unusual circumstances; written consent of the student’s dean is required to enroll thus if your courses are determined to be Self-Paced in nature before or after you complete the course, it will be denied if it does not contain an academic dean’s approval.
  • After receiving the results of your credit request from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, please consult with an academic advisor in your school to verify that the approved UNC-Chapel Hill equivalent(s) will fulfill curriculum/degree requirements.
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