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Why Carolina?

“This university has everything: challenging academics, inspiring people, and a great sense of community spirit.”—Olivia Hart

“Challenge yourself to be part of one of the most unique, dynamic, brilliant, and passionate communities in the world. Carolina has so much potential to change you for the best if you allow it to do so. When I decided to come to Carolina, I was terrified; but each and every day I find a new reason to fall in love with this campus and with the people here. Carolina was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”—Maria Rojas, 2017, Cincinnati, OH

“Carolina has the best qualities of both large and small universities. There are limitless opportunities, great game-day atmospheres, and a large number of fellow students to meet, but you also can’t walk on campus for 5 minutes without seeing someone you know. Carolina felt like home to me before the end of my first semester here.” —Emily Simmons, 2015, Hollywood, MD

“Since I came as an international student, I did not know much about how I could contribute to Carolina. But Carolina students around me were so engaged and enthusiastic starting from my first day at Carolina; they (both directly and indirectly) helped me know what kind of person I am and encouraged me to be involved in the vibrant campus. I have never regretted my decision to come to Carolina.”— Jason Wang, 2015, Beijing, China

“Carolina embodies everything I am and everything I want to be: both a dedicated student and an outgoing part of the Tar Heel community; both a decisive leader and a good friend; someone with integrity and someone with empathy. I chose Carolina ultimately because the things you learn and the community you build as a Tar Heel don’t last just for four years: they last for a lifetime.” —Annie Cross, 2016, McLean, VA

“After speaking to the professor who introduced me to medical anthropology, I knew that if I went to Carolina I would be able to study something that truly interested me.” — Missy Brown, 2015, Asheville, NC

“I picked Carolina because it was the perfect place for me- not only is it deeply embedded in the history of North Carolina, but it is well known for its academic prowess, and more specifically, had great programs in the majors I wanted to go into. Not only this, UNC accepted my financial need baggage and met me where I was at, to help me afford my education” —Austin Andrews, 2016, Hamlet, NC

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