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Excel@Carolina FAQs

How do I get considered for Excel@Carolina?
Each year, we offer these special opportunities to about ten percent of our admitted students. To be considered, please complete the following:

  • Application for admission on the Common Application website
  • Brief survey in the UNC supplement to indicate your interest in up to three Excel@Carolina opportunities. Please note that interest in these programs have no bearing on your admission decision, and the completion of this survey is not required for admission.

Please keep in mind that Assured Business, Assured Pharmacy, and Assured Environment and Science Communication are only offered to students who apply and are admitted through Early Action.

How are students selected and paired with opportunities?
We select students for Excel@Carolina based upon a holistic review of their application for admission, including essays, recommendation letters, activities, transcript, and test scores. Because space is limited in the programs, we can only offer these opportunities to our most competitive admitted students. Selected students are then matched with an opportunity based on their responses in the optional survey. The program administrators and Office of Undergraduate Admissions work together to match students. If additional information is needed, we will reach back out to you. Please keep in mind that the intended major you select as part of the Common Application is not used in the matching process.

Can I be awarded more than one opportunity?
While not typical, it is possible that a student may receive more than one opportunity. If this occurs, the student may participate in each opportunity.

If I am not offered Honors Carolina, can I still take honors classes at Carolina?
Yes!  Any student can take Honors classes at Carolina provided they have at least a B average (3.0 GPA). Many students who are not in Honors Carolina still take Honors courses – in fact, typically 30% of the Honors classes are filled by students not in Honors Carolina – making Honors courses available to the many talented students Carolina enrolls each year.

Honors study abroad opportunities are also open to all students as long as they have at least a B average (3.0 GPA).  Any student may graduate with honors by writing a Senior Honors Thesis, which is available to any student who has at least a 3.3 GPA. Students may also apply to join Honors Carolina after the first semester of their first year, and many are invited to join at that point. You can find more information about Honors Carolina here.

Can I change my answers once I submit my survey?
If you’ve already submitted your application and would like to make changes to your survey responses, please contact our office at (919) 966-3621 or at unchelp@admissions.unc.edu.

When will I hear back?
While timing may vary by program, students who are selected will typically be notified shortly after they receive their offer of admission.

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