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The one universal trait: Everybody’s different.

College is about new experiences. It’s a place to meet new people and explore new ideas, talents and interests. Because we think it’s important for you to learn from people with different backgrounds and perspectives – in fact, it’s part of our mission – Carolina is dedicated to building a diverse class of students each year. This class varies in ethnicity, socioeconomic status, geography, parent education level, fondness for arugula and on and on.

With programs such as African, African-American, and Diaspora Studies, Latina/o Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies, students from all backgrounds can even turn their interests in diversity into courses of study. We also provide an array of resources and facilities to help you connect with other people who may share your interests or heritage – for instance, the American Indian Center is devoted to research, teaching and public service related to American Indians. But that’s just the beginning of how Carolina provides ways to help you encounter new interests and people from different backgrounds. Our First Year Seminar Program, undergraduate research opportunities and Honors Carolina are just a few of those opportunities.

To learn more about diversity at Carolina, please visit the website for the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs.



Evening shot of the Old Well on a wintry night with snow surrounding it
Polk Place quad in the fall on UNC campus