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Residence Halls

Way more than a place to hang your hat.

Of our 18,000 undergraduates, about half make their homes right here on campus. While it’s not required after your first year, we strongly encourage students to live on campus during their second year and beyond, and the reason is simple: There’s no better way to experience the unique sense of community and belonging that defines UNC.

By living on campus, you just stay more plugged into Carolina. You’ll be centrally located near classes, libraries, dining halls, campus events, happenings in The Pit and the bustle of Franklin Street. There are all these “can’t miss” cornerstones of the Carolina experience that you won’t miss because you’re right there. Above all, like so many students before you, you’ll create strong and enduring bonds with people you might not meet otherwise.

Here’s an interesting fact: Research shows that on-campus students tend to get better grades, take more credit hours and be more likely to graduate than off-campus students. You have the rest of your life to live off campus, so don’t miss this chance to join your classmates and live the ultimate Carolina experience.

If you’re a first-year student who doesn’t opt for one of our 9 Residential Learning Programs (RLP) for students with special interests, you’ll be assigned housing within our First Year Experience (FYE) communities. These FYEs are primarily located on the southern part of campus, with the exception of Connor Hall. We assign you a FYE so you can still take advantage of opportunities specifically designed to help you learn and adjust to college life. We also offer housing to transfer students, who may apply for their choice of available housing, or opt to live in our Transfer United Residential Learning Program.

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Fall Fest
A shot of the fall foliage from a Carolina residence hall