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Honors Carolina

Challenging, yet inclusive. What a wonderful paradox.

We know that all of our students are smart – wicked smart even. That’s why our honors program is a little different than others you may have seen. It’s definitely a big deal to be invited to join Honors Carolina because while we may be a bit biased, we think it’s one of the most challenging yet inclusive honors programs in the nation. But it’s one of only many opportunities offered to admitted students each year through Excel@Carolina. Learn more about Excel@Carolina.

But the best thing about Honors Carolina is that even if you aren’t invited to join as a first-year student, you can still apply during your first three semesters. And wait, it gets even better: Whether you’re a card-carrying member (OK, there aren’t any cards, but you get where we’re going) of Honors Carolina or not, you can still take honors courses, write an honors thesis and graduate with honors. It’s true. In fact, any student with a 3.0 GPA or better qualifies to enroll in any honors course. About 30% of those enrolled in honors courses are students who aren’t even in Honors Carolina. As we’ve said, we consider all of our students to be scholars.


Flautist during music rehearsal on UNC campus
View from leafy tree above: student bikes to class