Seize the Day

Don’t wait until after graduation to begin the job hunt. Students at Carolina start networking, learning, researching, and interning before they put on their cap and gown.

Seventy-three percent of all respondents to the 2013 survey sponsored by University Career Services reported that they completed at least one internship before graduation. And a substantial number of those students went on to work full time with the same employer after graduation.

Why do so many students intern during their time at Carolina? Because they want to make their college experience worthwhile. At Carolina, students have access to the finest academia in the world, and the greatest students know hands-on experience combined with their education make them the most skilled candidate for their future career.

Carolina students are privy to some of the best internships across the country just by being here. UNC’s University Career Services helps provide students with the resources to gain experiences that will help them land the internship (and job) of their dreams. University Career Services helps students succeed by offering resume and cover letter workshops, providing mock interviews, and connecting employers and students.

That isn’t to say that Career Services does all the work. Students at Carolina take advantage of all the opportunities Career Services provides and more. Many students will find a company they want to work for and contact them directly about potential internships, or connect with professors to help land research opportunities.

Internships not only offer real-world experience in a career field that you are interested in, but can help you learn what career field might be best for you. Students enter into internships with preconceived notions about their chosen career. After completing the internship, students not only understand their career path better, but also gain insights on whether or not this career is a good match for them.

Students can also gain class credit for internships. Most academic departments across campus offer internship courses that allow students to gain credit while interning. For more specific information, contact your academic department to see if and how internship credit is granted.

Students gain invaluable knowledge through internships, and should seize every opportunity during their college career.

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