Are all majors available to CIHS transfer applicants?

Most majors are available to CIHS transfer students. However, some programs require students to complete specific coursework before they can begin work in that major or have other supplemental application instructions. These programs include Biomedical Engineering, Biostatistics, Business Administration, Clinical Laboratory Science, Computer Science, Dental Hygiene, Education, Environmental Health Science, Health Policy and Management, Information and Library Science, Nutrition, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Radiologic Science. Additionally, Nursing and Pharmacy require a separate application for admission into the program.

If program pre-requisites are required, and you have not completed them prior to transfer, you may need an extra 1-2 semester(s) of coursework at Carolina to obtain that specific degree. For more information by major, please see the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill course catalog and our online guide for applying to specific majors.

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