Is UNC test optional? If you accept scores, how do you look at ACT or SAT scores?

We use test scores as part of our evaluation because we believe that they’re helpful, both to us and to students, when they’re understood appropriately and viewed as part of a larger and much more interesting portrait.

Note: The UNC System has waived the SAT or ACT requirement for candidates who are applying for fall 2024 admission. This waiver means that you may apply whether or not you’ve taken either test, and if you do take a test, you can choose whether or not to share your scores and have us consider them. Whether or not you ultimately share test scores, we will consider you carefully and comprehensively for admissions, scholarships, and other opportunities.

We do not yet know if the UNC System will waive the test for students applying for admission in fall 2025 and beyond, and will provide an update once this information is confirmed.

For us, testing is always one factor among many — always viewed alongside those many other factors, and never the sole or dominant reason we make our decisions. If you’d like us to consider your test scores, please self report your scores on your application or through MyCarolina. As we review your application, we can only consider self-reported test scores. We can consider your self-reported test scores if we receive them by December 1 (if you are applying Early Action), by February 15 (if you are applying Regular Decision), or by March 15 (if you are applying as a Transfer student). If you self-report test scores from multiple testing dates, we will superscore, considering your highest score for each section among all of your testing dates.

If you share your test scores, are admitted, and choose to enroll, we will require that your official scores be sent directly from the testing service. Our SAT code is 5816 and our ACT code is 3162.