How does UNC look at ACT or SAT test scores?

We use test scores as part of our evaluation because we believe that they’re helpful, both to us and to students, when they’re understood appropriately and viewed as part of a larger and much more interesting portrait. For us, testing is always one factor among many—  always viewed alongside those many other factors, and never the sole or dominant reason we make our decisions.

NOTE: Because of COVID-19, the UNC System has approved a one-year waiver of the SAT or ACT requirement for candidates who are applying for fall 2021 admission. This waiver means that you may apply whether or not you’ve taken either test. It also means that, if you’ve taken either test, you may share your scores and have us consider them.

If you want to apply, we hope you won’t delay because you haven’t taken either test. Whether or not you ultimately share test scores, we will consider you carefully and comprehensively for admission, scholarships, and other opportunities. We will also trust that you’re doing your best in an extraordinary time.

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