What are the minimum course requirements for admission?

To be eligible for admission, a student should present a minimum of 16 units of high school coursework within the five traditional academic areas – literature, mathematics, physical and biological sciences, social sciences, and foreign languages.

Admission to Carolina is competitive, and successful applicants typically go far beyond these minimum requirements.

Minimum Course Requirements

  • 4 units of English
  • 4 units of college preparatory mathematics
    • 2 algebra
    • 1 geometry
    • 1 higher level mathematics course for which algebra II is a prerequisite
    • For students attending a North Carolina public high school, the fourth unit of math must be one of the below courses. For North Carolina students not attending a public school and all out-of-state students, the fourth math must be comparable to one of the courses listed below or it must be approved by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
      • AP Calculus
      • AP Statistics
      • Pre-Calculus
      • Discrete Mathematics
      • IB Mathematics Level II
      • Integrated Mathematics IV
      • Advanced Functions and Modeling
      • Essentials for College Math
  • 2 units of a single foreign language
    • Please note that American Sign Language satisfies this requirement.
  • 3 units in science
    • one in a life or biological science
    • one in a physical science
    • one laboratory course
  • 2 units of social science
    • one in United States history

If your high school record lacks any of the units mentioned above or if you hold a GED, you may present at least one of the following to meet minimum eligibility for admission:

  • Complete at least 24 total transferable semester hours from an accredited college or university (excluding hours awarded by dual enrollment, AP, IB or other credit by exam); OR
  • Complete at least 24 total transferable semester hours from an accredited college or university (excluding hours awarded by AP, IB or other credit by exam) after receiving your GED or high school equivalency; OR
  • Be at least 21 years of age by the time you enroll in your first term at UNC.

If you do not meet the minimum course requirements and cannot present one of the alternatives listed above, you may still apply for admission. We encourage you to explain in your application what circumstances may have prevented you from fulfilling these course requirements.

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