What do the codes and abbreviations on my credit evaluation mean?

We’re here to help you understand your credit evaluation. You may see the following codes or descriptions included within your evaluation.

Duplicate CreditIf you have taken two or more courses that equate to the same UNC-Chapel Hill course, only one of the courses will be used toward your degree.
GENR ---Denotes that a general elective course was awarded because UNC does not offer a specific equivalent course OR the external course carries more hours than the equivalent UNC-Chapel Hill course and so the additional hours are denoted as GENR.
GENR followed by numbersDenotes elective credit that fulfills a general education requirement was awarded.
PLDenotes a course is “in progress.” Please send a final transcript upon completion of the course, and we will update your transfer credit based on this information.
RejectedA course is not acceptable for transfer.
TREQ714This code indicates that you will receive an Associate Degree from a North Carolina Community College. Please submit a final transcript that lists the date the degree was conferred.

If you have additional questions about your credit evaluation or if you believe there is an error, we hope you’ll email us at unchelp@admissions.unc.edu.