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Get Your UNC Username

Or as we call it, your ONYEN (Only Name You’ll Ever Need).

STEP 1: Visit onyen.unc.edu, click on “Create or Manage ONYEN”, and then choose: “Create an ONYEN.”

STEP 2: You’ll be asked if you have a Guest ID. Click “yes” if you do. Then enter your Guest ID when prompted and skip to step 4. P.S. your Guest ID will expire after you create your ONYEN.

STEP 3: If you don’t have a Guest ID, click “no”. You’ll be prompted to enter your UNC PID (Personal Identification Number), which you can access by visiting the online PID Office Lookup website.

STEP 4: After entering this information, you’ll be presented with an ONYEN. You can make changes to your ONYEN and create a confidential password.


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