Meet Carolina

Carolina students are so much more than their majors. Get to know a few Tar Heels — from their hidden talents to their proudest accomplishments.

Carolina student Evan Andrews

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I’m an Eagle Scout. I spent 12 years in scouting, six of that being within the Boy Scouts where the Eagle Scout rank is achieved, and it took me two years to finish my project. I built two little free libraries in east Winston-Salem, which is a part of town where a lot of schools have been maligned by the school district and not given good equipment, books, stuff like that. The libraries are about torso size. I put them on posts, had to set them in concrete which is an arduous task in the middle of August. I raised the funds for the books, and after talking with teachers in the area, it made a great impact to the kids going to the school. It took a lot of planning, a lot of work, and it had a discernable and calculable impact. I think that’s what I’m proudest of.

Evan Andrews, UNC ’25

Political Science

Carolina student Kaylee Zuniga

tell us about someone in your life who you think deserves more credit.

I think my brother deserves more credit than I give him. He’s older than me by about five years and he’s definitely the biggest role model I have, at least in a man form. My father passed away when I was 15, so it definitely was hard for us, and my brother is the only person in the world that can understand exactly what we went through together. He’s a really great older brother and I think he just did a really good job in showing me that I’m going to make mistakes, I’m allowed to make mistakes, but he wants me to be better than him.

Kaylee Zuniga, UNC ’24

communications, business

If you were entered in a talent show tomorrow, what would your talent be?

My talent would be obscure celebrity impressions. It’s less obscure, but I do love doing a Jennifer Coolidge impression. But I also have impressions that are totally random, like Miss Hattie from Despicable Me.

William Becker, UNC ’26

media and journalism, environmental science

Describe the most fun day you’ve had at carolina. what did you do?

I feel like a very memorable day was when I first got here, I was at Fall Fest and there were a lot of student organizations introducing me to the school and a lot of activities. The entire atmosphere just made me feel very welcome. As a transfer student, I instantly felt like I was able to fit in. I met a lot of people through those activities too. So that was a really touching moment from UNC to me.

Lucy Wu, UNC ’26

media and journalism, asian studies

What is one way you want to grow or change in the next year?

I want to continue to stand on what I say — be a woman of my word. If I say something, I’m gonna do it with no excuse. And never change being a kind person no matter how much you go through. I feel like the common thing to say is: “Hurt people hurt people.” But even though you may be hurting as a person, always be kind to everybody.

Kayla Davidson-Imonitie, UNC ’26

Psychology, Political Science