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It’s not a good policy to choose a school based on sports and weather. But sometimes it works out.

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Alex Hamilton

Fellow RA Alex Hamilton is helping develop Cobb’s official dorm dance: The Cobble.

Diana Nguyen

Met Diana Nguyen at a Tar Heel Outreach Program meeting about bringing elementary kids to campus for a day to give them an early preview of what college is like. Great idea, right?

Stone Center Arch

Stone Center Library holds dual titles as Best Place to Study and Best Place to Sleep Between Studying.

Seth Rose

Poli-Sci major and Durham native Seth Rose can talk education reform for hours.

John Brodeur

John Brodeur is the director of the Carolina Leadership Development office and leader of the NC Fellows Program. His lessons on humility are humbling in their greatness.

Alex Hamilton Diana Nguyen Stone Center Arch Seth Rose John Brodeur

Malaika’s Story

“As an out-of-state student,” Malaika explains, “I applied to Carolina on a whim.” All I knew was that I loved basketball and wanted a public school, and I figured the weather would be mild. I had no idea of the amazing opportunities for academic, social, and personal development.”

Well, Malaika soon found out what was in store for her at UNC, through classes, experiences, and, of course, people. Whether examining the ethics of volunteering in Honduras or arguing over whose hometown has the most swag (“New Orleans, obviously,”), her connections keep her engaged and intrigued. And pretty happy about that initial hunch.

Name: Malaika Hankins

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Major: Biology

Advice to prospective students: “Applying here is one decision you’ll never regret.”

Favorite Hometown Treat
Triathlon Training

I may be somewhat biased, but this is still the best place in the world.