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Justin Ellis

Best friend Justin Ellis is also front man of Clockwork Kids, Patrick’s current band.

Azul Zapta

Azul Zapata never misses a local show. So, in addition to being totally up on good music, she’s greatly appreciated by local bands.

Old Well

The Old Well. It’s an obvious choice, but for good reason, and especially charming in the snow.

Cobb Parking Deck

Cobb Parking Deck. Good acoustics, for a parking deck. *Great* spot to film a music video.

Gabe Reynolds

Gabe Reynolds invited Patrick to Local 506, where he discovered Little Green Cars.

Justin Ellis Azul Zapta Old Well Cobb Parking Deck Gabe Reynolds

Patrick’s Story

Patrick came to campus with an urge to create and an ax to grind. “I just saw a disconnect between the people playing music—my band, for example—and the resources we needed.” But rather than grumble about it on a Tumblr page, he and some of his connections helped build Carolina Creates Music, which hosts all kinds of events (“Puppies & Jazz,” for instance) for student musicians to show off their talents.

So what energizes Patrick when he isn’t lining up events or performing at Forest Theater? “Health and Society,” he says. “Seriously. My major is Global Studies with a focus in global health, and Dr. Liana Richardson’s class was fantastic. If I’m starting a new project and need advice or leads, she’s the one to talk to.” From social determinants of health to landing a gig Saturday night, Patrick’s circle has it covered.

Name: Patrick Carney

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Major: Global Studies, Minoring in Music


Carolina Creates Music, UNC Arts Steering Committee, Carolina Union, Order of the Golden Fleece

Advice to prospective students: "Study things that ‘flip a switch’ inside you."

Favorite Breakfast
Playing for Greensboro Radio

The only way to be sure a change will happen is to get involved in making it yourself.