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The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dec 1

Minor in entrepreneurship at Carolina!

In May 2017, The Shuford family gifted $18 million to the College of Arts & Sciences to more than double the size of Carolina’s entrepreneurship minor.

The Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship offers Carolina students the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills in order to launch their dream ventures. The minor is fulfilled after completing four courses, an internship and a capstone course. Currently, students are given nine different track options, allowing them to explore specific categories of entrepreneurship that they are interested in.


1. Commercial

The commercial track gives students a better understanding of how to start a successful commercial venture. Students learn how to create a detailed business plan of their proposed ideas and how to go about pitching this plan to potential investors.


2. Social

Social entrepreneurship’s main goal is improving other people’s lives. Students in this track will explore ideas for social ventures and create a business plan to get their startups up off the ground.


3. Sport

If you’re an entrepreneurial thinker who also loves sports, this is the perfect track for you. Learn about venture opportunities within sports: from the science and medicine, to the business and technology.


4. Media

The media landscape is constantly changing, allowing for many entrepreneurial opportunities. Learn more about current trends, successful startups, and the future of the media in this track.


5. Design

The Workroom design course gives students the opportunity for hands-on learning about the design process. Each semester, there is a new national client that students in the course will help design a product for. Students are able to combine their advertising creativity and entrepreneurial thinking skills.


6. Artistic

Are you an art lover? The artistic track of the minor teaches students the concepts they need to understand in order to pursue a venture in the music, theatre, TV, movie and dance industries.


7. Computer Science

Students on this track will partner with the Computer Science Department to explore the vast array of entrepreneurial opportunities in the computer science space. You could be the creator of the hottest new app or virtual reality video game!


8. Public Health

This track is made for those who are interested in public health issues and want to create ways to solve them. You will be able to use evidence-based research to create and begin your own venture idea.


9. Scientific

There are huge opportunities in the science and technology fields for startups! This track allows you to study some past examples and learn the techniques necessary to create your own scientific venture.


Interested in the entrepreneurship minor? Learn more about it at


And don’t forget to apply to Carolina by the regular decision deadline on January 15!