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More Points of Interest

Model Dorm Room
We do not include a dorm room tour in our standard walking tour due to the safety and security of our student residents. However, we do have a model dorm room, located in Craige Residence Hall, open to visitors. You may also view pictures of dorm room options by visiting the Housing Department’s website.

Campus Dining Halls
Want a true taste of campus? Visit one of our dining halls! Please be sure to check their hours prior to visiting.

UNC Visitors’ Center
The UNC Visitors’ Center offers guided tours to the general public about the University’s impact, hallmarks, and traditions. Tours are offered in both English and Spanish.* For more information, please contact the UNC Visitors’ Center.

*Please note that tours offered by the Visitors’ Center are separate experiences from the information session and campus walking tours that we offer at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If you have questions about applying to Carolina or about the student experience, please be sure to visit our office in Jackson Hall.


Centro de Visitantes de UNC
El Centro de Visitantes de UNC ofrece visitas guiadas al público sobre el impacto de la Universidad y las tradiciones. Las visitas guiadas se ofrecen en inglés y español. Para obtener más información, pónganse en contacto con El Centro de Visitantes de UNC.

*Tenga en cuenta que las visitas guiadas ofrecidos por el Centro de Visitantes son experiencias separadas de la sesión de información y la visita guiada que ofrecemos en la Oficina de Admisiones Pregrado. Si tiene preguntas acerca de la solicitud a Carolina o sobre la experiencia del estudiante, por favor asegúrese del visitar nuestra oficina en Jackson Hall.