The Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program, or C-STEP, is a pathway for community college students to transfer to and graduate from Carolina.

Through C-STEP, talented low- and moderate-income high school and community college students are guaranteed admission to Carolina. After being admitted to C-STEP and successfully completing their work at a partner community college, students come to Chapel Hill.

Success with C-STEP

C-STEP gives students access to special events, advising, and transition and support services both at their community college and at Carolina. C-STEP students will be academically prepared and fully engaged in their college and university communities – setting them on a path to success.


students have participated in C-STEP since the program began.


of C-STEP students go on to graduate from Carolina.


is the average GPA of C-STEP students upon their graduation.

Meet Robert

Learn about Robert’s journey with C-STEP, how it made him reevaluate his life and try to figure out what he was here for, and what he could do.