Current Students

After your first semester at Carolina, you can have additional transfer credit applied toward your UNC degree.

Course Pre-Approvals

Planning to take courses at another college or university? Here’s what you’ll need to know about applying those credits at Carolina.


Submitting Your Request

  • Please complete our course evaluation form. All requests are handled electronically, so there’s no need to visit individual academic departments.
  • We’ll provide a preliminary credit evaluation within seven business days.
  • We strongly recommend completing this form and discussing the resulting transfer equivalency with your academic advisor before taking the class, so you’ll understand how the course will fit into your curriculum.
  • Only submit a course approval requests for the term in which you plan to take and complete the course.

Transfer Credit Rules

  • Students must earn a grade of “C” or higher in all external courses to be approved for transfer credit. 
  • Grades and quality points earned elsewhere are not computed into your UNC cumulative grade point average (GPA).
  • Students should only submit a course approval request for the term in which they plan to attend and complete the course.  Approved courses taken outside of the term for which they were approved will not be honored in the event a transfer credit update or change is made.
  • No additional transfer credit will post to the student’s record after the student has transferred the maximum limit of 75 hours. No substitutions of transfer credit will be allowed. We will not grant transfer credit with no hours.
  • Students within their last 30 hours at UNC (90 completed semester hours), they may transfer no more than 6 additional semester hours.
  • We will honor the hours awarded by the external institutions.
  • Quarter Hours will be converted into semester hours.
  • Study Abroad or International Courses: You may receive credit only for courses taken through officially sanctioned UNC programs. If you are a current student, please contact the Study Abroad Office for evaluation and approval. For students not enrolled at UNC, we will require a course-by-course evaluation from the World Education Services (WES). If WES is unable to provide a course-by-course evaluation, the course(s) will be rejected for credit. Credit hours awarded will be awarded based on the information provided on the WES evaluation.
  • Mathematics: All math courses above calculus 3 will require in-person instruction to receive transfer credit. Proof of in-person instruction is required to receive transfer credit.
  • Chemistry: All chemistry courses require in-person instruction to receive transfer credit. Proof of in-person instruction is required to receive transfer credit.
  • Computer Science: Specific COMP course credit will not be approved without approval from the Computer Science Department. (Non-approved COMP courses)
  • Academic departments are not required to review/approved courses for academic credit prior to transferring the course to UNC.
  • The Office of Undergraduate Admissions serves the right to update or change the results of the Course Pre-approval when additional information is made available.

Credit Re-evaluation

If you’ve already received an evaluation of transfer credit, but you wish to petition an academic department for additional credit or believe an error was made, you may ask for a credit re-evaluation. You may request a re-evaluation for courses that:

  • Were awarded general elective credit (GENR),
  • Were awarded credit but were assigned no specific course number, or
  • Were rejected for credit.
      • Please complete a re-evaluation request through your ConnectCarolina Student Center.
      • You must be currently enrolled as a student and have run your Tar Heel Tracker within the past 30 days.
      • To run your Tar Heel Tracker:
      • After running your Tar Heel Tracker, locate the “Other Academic” drop-down box.
      • Select “Manage Transfer Credit Re-eval.”
      • Select the “Submit a Transfer Credit Re-evaluation eForm.”
    • We recommend submitting requests by these deadlines to receive a credit decision before the associated registration window or term starting date. We encourage students to submit their requests as early as possible. If you have not heard back by the deadline, please reach out to the specific academic department.

      Submission Deadlines

      • Request submitted by June 1
        • Receive your credit decision by the first day of fall classes.
      • Request submitted by October 1
        • Receive your credit decision by spring registration.
      • Request submitted by February 1
        • Receive your credit decision by fall registration.
      • Request submitted by February 15
        • Receive your credit decision by summer registration.
      • Log into your Student Center in ConnectCarolina
      • Locate the “Other academic” drop-down box and select “Manage Transfer Credit Re-eval”
      • Select the “View a Transfer Credit Re-evaluation eForm” link
      • Select the request you want to view from a list of all requests you have submitted
      • You can continue to submit reevaluation requests for as long as you’re enrolled at the university.
      • You can submit your most important courses first (prerequisites and those affecting the next registration period), saving any remaining courses to submit at a later date when the request system is typically less busy – usually December, February, or March.
      • Do not submit this form for courses listed as “In Progress” (IP) on your transfer credit evaluation. We cannot re-evaluate these courses until we’ve received your final transcript.
      • Re-evaluation requests submitted from May through August may not be processed until late August due to the high volume of requests.
      • History courses: Students submitting a history course for re-evaluation should read the history transfer credit information.
      • Business courses: Read the business school transfer credits guidelines.
      • English composition/writing courses: The ENGL 105 program requests that if you took more than one writing, composition, and rhetoric course (at any number of institutions) that you submit all courses together on a single request with all syllabi attached. Students planning to request ENGL 105 credit should read this prior to submitting.
      • Computer science courses: These courses require the submission of assignments (directions from the instructor, not the finished assignment) to be submitted in addition to the course syllabus.
      • Submit an official transcript once you complete the course.  Please send it by mail to our office address or electronically via Docufide, Avow, Scrip-Safe/E-Scrip, Scoir, Common Application, Coalition, CFNC, Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse.

Common Numbering System Evaluation

The CNS Transfer Course Search was developed by the UNC System Office to help prospective transfer students determine how courses completed at other 4-year UNC institutions and at NC Community College’s may transfer to any UNC System 4-year school. Entering a course into the search will provide output showing how the course transfers to any of the University of North Carolina System’s 4-year schools. If your Common Numbering System (CNS) course isn’t transferring the way you expect when you get to UNC- Chapel Hill, you can initiate the UNC CNS Transfer Credit Appeal Procedure.