Meet Carolina’s Newest Class

The people you grow and learn with will be a big part of your Carolina career, just as you’ll be part of theirs.


Meet our newest class of Tar Heels and get to know the students who call Carolina home.

New Students


Carolina welcomed 5,602 new students as the entering class of 2023. They include 4,700 first-year and 902 transfer students who are ready to grow, learn, and make each other better. Students were selected from 63,217 total applicants.

*Unless otherwise noted, all numbers encompass enrolling first-year and transfer students.

Students hail from…


79 countries

49 states and D.C.

93 NC counties

34% of all NC students are from rural counties.




of Carolina’s newest students will be the first in their families to graduate from college.


enrolling first-year students graduated from schools served by the Carolina College Advising Corps.


of enrolling transfer students most recently attended a North Carolina Community College.

Carolina student Logan Amos

They’re dedicated.

Meet Logan Amos

The Houston native spent her early childhood in Chapel Hill and is coming back to pursue her research interests in cancer and microbiology. Inspired by her late father who was a surgical oncologist at the UNC School of Medicine, Logan believes that Carolina is the place where she belongs.

“It’s always been my dream school, the dream place that I want to stay,” Amos said. “Even when I left North Carolina, I was still really interested in going to UNC.”



contributed to a cause they believe in.


plan to continue their education after earning an undergraduate degree.

They’re complex and unique.

    • top Activities

      • Service 76%
      • Sports 63%
      • Part-time Work 58%
      • Arts & Music 44%
      • Internships 19%
      • Family 10%
    • Rank in High School Class

      of the 65% of enrolling first-year students who reported their class rank:

      • 75% — top 10 percent
      • 92% — top 20 percent


      college credit

      of enrolling first-year students who sought credit for their college-level coursework:

      • 75% received AP or IB test credit for at least 1 course and 45% of at least 5 courses.
      • 57% received dual enrollment credit for at least 1 course and 37% for at least 5 courses.

      SAT and ACT Scores

      These scores represent the middle 50% of enrolling first-year students’ highest reported scores:

      • SAT — 1370-1500
      • ACT — 29-33




      • American Indian or Alaska Native — 2%
      • Asian or Asian American — 25%
      • Black or African American — 11%
      • Hispanic, Latino, or Latina — 11%
      • White or Caucasian — 63%
    • Languages other than English, spoken by enrolling students:

      • French — 3%
      • Hindi — 3%
      • Korean — 1%
      • Mandarin — 7%
      • Spanish — 16%


      Percentage of enrolling students who:

      • Attended a high school outside of the U.S.  — 6%
      • Hold citizenship of a country outside of the U.S. — 13%
      1. Biology
      2. Business
      3. Computer Science
      4. Psychology & Neuroscience
      5. Economics


    • Among enrolling first-year students offered special opportunities:

      • 512 were selected to join Honors Carolina.
      • 260 received a university scholarship
      • 77 were named a Morehead-Cain or Robertson Scholar


“I’m excited to take advantage of all the opportunities UNC provides for their students. There are so many ways to get involved and there is a place for everyone.”

Chi-Chi Okoye, unc ’27


Carolina student Andres Valdiri

They have high hopes.

Meet Andres Valdiri

While in high school, a bad haircut inspired Andres to design an app that would help others get better results at their next barber appointment. Now a first-year student at Carolina, the Wilmington native is interested in studying business and computer science and exploring all that Chapel Hill has to offer.

“It was basically a no-brainer to go to UNC,” Andres said. “It’s just a phenomenal school — not to mention the student life.”


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