Carolina students come here with the courage to ask big questions and the resourcefulness and ingenuity to seek answers.

We’re all in this together. Carolina faculty and staff have built a campus community with everything you need to sharpen skills, explore interests, discover talents, and challenge limits.

three students in a classroom smile while listening to a speaker

What will I study?

You can craft your own excellent experience at Carolina. You’ll discover a curriculum called IDEAs in Action, which is challenging, thought-provoking, and full of purpose.

Faculty are part of an engaged community you can count on to help you succeed in class and in life. They’re not only at the top of their fields, but they’re also available with their doors open, ready to listen.

A professor and two students smile while holding a printing screen as part of a Carolina class called Art and Science: Merging Printmaking and Biology

Majors and Minors

Your time at Carolina begins with two years in the IDEAs in Action curriculum within Carolina’s College of Arts & Sciences. You'll then chose from more than 70 majors and minors — everything from archaeology to urban planning — gaining skills that will help you stand out wherever you go.

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