Carolina College Advising Corps

We believe that college should be possible for any student who’s ready and willing to do the work.

That’s why we have the Carolina College Advising Corps, which sends recent UNC-Chapel Hill graduates — many of whom are the first in their families to attend college — to serve as full-time college advisers in high schools across North Carolina.

Advisers encourage and support high school students across the state as they discover schools where they’ll thrive. Here’s some of their best advice for your college search.


Advice from the Corps

Carolina College Advising Corps adviser Alysse Harris

“Build your list according to which colleges and universities have the programs that will help you pursue your interests and dream career. You’re investing in your future and it’s YOUR path to embark on — no one else’s.”

Alysse Harris

t. wingate andrews high school adviser
Carolina College Advising Corps adviser Rachel Weyne

“There is aid designed to reach and empower students like you. If you don’t know where to start, please ask. Accessible aid goes unclaimed every year. Don’t let your financial status or past experiences deter you from trying!”

Rachel Weyne

Carolina College Advising Corps adviser Jordan Roberts

“Think of the required writing as stories instead of essays; this is likely the first chance you’ve had to write about yourself, so give yourself time and space to reflect on who you are or want to be. Everyone has a unique story to tell.”

Jordan Roberts

Al Brown High School adviser