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Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program

About C-STEP

In 2006, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill launched the Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program, or C-STEP, to enable more community-college students to transfer to and graduate from Carolina. C-STEP focuses on high school seniors or community college students. You must also be enrolled (or plan to enroll) at a partner community college in a course of study that will lead to the Associate of Arts (AA) or Associates of Sciences (AS) degree, and you must earn the degree with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2. We review candidates holistically and consider, among other criteria, demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles, first generation college status, diversity, employment history, and family responsibilities. Talented low and moderate income high school and community college students are guaranteed eventual admission to Carolina if they are admitted to and complete the community college portion of the program successfully. We are partnered with 14 community colleges throughout the state:

  1. Alamance Community College
  2. Cape Fear Community College
  3. Carteret Community College
  4. Central Carolina Community College
  5. Central Piedmont Community College
  6. Craven Community College
  7. Durham Technical Community College
  8. Fayetteville Technical Community College
  9. Guilford Technical Community College
  10. Richmond Community College
  11. Robeson Community College
  12. Sandhills Community College
  13. Southwestern Community College
  14. Wake Technical Community College

Students who are invited to participate in C-STEP agree to earn appropriate associate degrees and participate actively in the program. C-STEP offers students special events, advising, and transition and support services both at their home college and at Carolina, while they are pursuing their associate degrees, and provides exemplary transition and support services once they have enrolled at Carolina and are pursuing their bachelor degrees. These enhanced efforts will ensure that C-STEP students will feel firmly planted at Carolina almost immediately upon matriculation. They will be academically prepared and fully engaged in the campus community – both of which are strong indicators of student success.

Another important consideration for any student considering transferring to a four-year university is how to pay for their education. Carolina strives to meet the full demonstrated need of all students eligible to receive federal financial aid through a combination of grants, scholarships, and loans. Carolina Covenant a landmark program that enables low-socioeconomic students to graduate debt-free is also an option for qualified students.

For more information, please contact the C-STEP team at: cstep@admissions.unc.edu.

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