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Degree Programs

Once you get here, you can go anywhere.

At Carolina, you can study any of more than 70 majors, which is a lot to choose from. This may be why many students add a second major or a minor—or both. Our students spend their first two years in the College of Arts and Sciences, exploring interests and completing general education requirements. Most students also begin taking courses in their field of interest and fulfilling prerequisites for their intended major.

If you enroll as a sophomore transfer (with fewer than 60 transferrable credit hours), you’ll enter the College of Arts and Sciences. The major that you list on your application is not set in stone and does not play a role in our admissions review. We only use this information to assign you an advisor if you enroll here. You’ll have time to explore our degree programs before choosing a major.

If you enroll as a junior transfer (with 60 or more transferrable credit hours), you’ll enter one of our majors. Most students choose one of the majors within the College of Arts and Sciences, but some apply directly to one of our professional schools. You’ll find more information about applying to these programs below.

Certain majors within our professional schools do not admit transfer students directly into their programs. If you’re interested in majoring in Business, Environmental Health Sciences, or Nutrition, you’ll need to spend at least one semester in the College of Arts and Sciences before applying to join these programs:

If you’re interested in Pharmacy or Nursing, you will apply directly to those schools—not through Undergraduate Admissions.

There are a few programs with special application and prerequisite course requirements. Visit the department websites for more information:

When you’re ready to start your application to the above degree programs, read about Transfer Admission to Professional Schools.

Second Degrees
“Can I get a second bachelor’s degree?” is a question we often hear. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, we can only consider you for certain majors within our Health Sciences division (Clinical Laboratory Science, Dental Hygiene, Nursing, and Radiologic Science).

If you’re looking to change careers or need to take prerequisites for a graduate program, we encourage you to consider Part-Time Classroom Studies, which allows post-baccalaureate students to take undergraduate classes at Carolina on a part-time basis.

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