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Information for Transfers from N.C. Community Colleges

Every year, we admit and enroll many outstanding students from the community college system in North Carolina. Most of these students are following the Associate of Arts or Associate of Sciences degree paths, though it’s not necessary that students complete one of those degrees before transferring. To find out how your N.C. community college coursework will transfer to UNC, please view the Common Curriculum. If you completed an associate’s degree prior to 2014 or under the old common curriculum, please view the rules here.

As an additional resource, please view our Academic Advising Worksheets.

If you’re currently attending a community college with plans to transfer to UNC, we have developed baccalaureate degree plans for our most popular majors which can help you select your coursework at the community college. By following these degree plans, you will best be positioned to transfer smoothly to UNC and complete your desired major. Please note that these are recommendations only. We do not require or expect that all transfer students will have completed the courses listed on these pathway documents.

2019-2020 Recommended Pathway: Please visit the University Catalog to find the most current year’s recommended pathways.

2018-2019 Recommended Pathway:

2017-2018 Recommended Pathway:

2016-2017 Recommended Pathway:

2015-2016 Recommended Pathway:

2014-2015 Recommended Pathway:

Views from the 2012 Carolina Kick Off, a camp for first year students sponsored by the Campus Y