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Campus Life

Preconceived notions are the first things to go.

When someone says “college,” you might be picturing daunting lecture halls, unfamiliar faces, new roommates and the persistent fear of the unknown. While that may indeed be the mood at the very beginning, Carolina quickly peels back those preconceptions to reveal something decidedly different: a community.

So set that previous mental image aside and picture this instead: a beautiful, unusually friendly campus where a classmate, roommate or professor is just a 30-second walk away. A campus where no matter which way you turn, there’s yet another new and exciting thing to check out. A community that empowers you to live in the moment as you prepare for the future. Somewhere that inspires you to discover yourself, find your passions and, from the minute you set foot on campus, start establishing the person you’ll be after college. This is a place that loves difference, celebrates diversity and brings together students from all over the world. Whatever you’re expecting, believe us: It’s going to be better.

Student and teacher read data from laptops
Professor Reynolds lectures about map during class at UNC Chapel Hill